Hightower Castle Weddings Venue Lebanon

Summary: Bookings of Hightower Castle, one of the most spectacular outdoor Lebanon wedding venues, can now be made for the summer 2016. In addition to the magnificent Castle and its elegant grounds, guests will enjoy luxury, style and excellent service. Contact info@hightowercastle.com for more details.

Hightower Castle – Event And Wedding Venue In Lebanon

An Extensively Renovated Castle for

Outdoor Events and Weddings

Proudly announcing the summer 2016 booking availability of the Hightower Castle – an outdoor wedding and event venue in Lebanon. The Hightower Castle and its surrounding lush gardens have undergone extensive renovation, but apart from a small hall the interior of the Castle will be available by 2018.

At the moment, bookings are accepted for outdoor weddings, commitment ceremonies, private parties, corporate and company events, fashion shows, art exhibitions as well as music events and concerts. 

The Hightower Castle is one of the most romantic outdoor wedding venues in Lebanon as it is located on top of a mountain ridge and offers spectacular views of the surrounding countryside, the city of Beirut and the beautiful Lebanese coastline further away. All these combined with the elegance of the grounds, the beauty of the Castle, the multitude of amenities and the excellent service make the Hightower Castle the ideal place for weddings in Lebanon as well as several other social or business events.

This Lebanon event venue offers a multitude of amenities:

·      Grounds and gardens that can accommodate up to 1000 guests

·      Dazzling views and scenery of the surrounding countryside

·      Ample parking space for 500 cars and valet parking staff for all guests at no extra cost

·      The “Lion’s Court” – a highly elegant and stylish reception area for your guests

·      A magnificent Castle and fountain setting and a fairy-tale environment for wedding photos

·      Lovely, lush, well-tended gardens and seating areas

·      Pleasant outdoor lighting by two powerful generators

·      Conveniently located bathrooms for ladies and gentlemen

For more information on prices and availability of dates as well as arranging a visit to the Hightower Lebanon wedding venue before making your booking, please call either +961 79 128374 or +961 5 570919, or send an email to info@hightowercastle.com 

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