Highly Sought-After SUPER YOUTH Phytoceramide for Skin, Hair and Nails Is Now Available Through Cosmedica Skincare

Cosmedica Skincare, a leader in top-selling cosmeceuticals and anti-aging products, has recently added SUPER YOUTH Phytoceramide for Skin, Hair and Nails, an organic GMO free, vegan and gluten free supplement, to their product offerings.

Cosmedica Skincare is dedicated to high-quality skincare products and a leader in top-selling cosmeceuticals and anti-aging products. The company sells worldwide and maintains a focus on natural and organic ingredients. Cosmedica Skincare has recently made available SUPER YOUTH Phytoceramide for Skin, Hair and Nails, an injection-free alternative for radiant, youthful skin.

Phytoceramide capsules are made of a plant-based ceramide, which are a family of waxy lipid molecules. Six different ceramide types are found as a natural component of human skin. All four layers of the epidermis contain ceramides, which play an important role by creating a barrier that reduces infection and helps to retain the skin's moisture.

Reduction in the amount of ceramides may result in dry skin, dermatitis, or wrinkles. For years, ceramides were thought of as simply a structural component to the lipid bilayer of all cell membranes, including the upper layer of skin. Recent studies, however, reveal that they can also act as a signaling molecule that sends messages to the rest of the body.

Touted as the botox of supplements, phytoceramide, derived of lipids and vitamins A, C D and E, works is thought to work from the inside-out deeply penetrating cells and may increase elasticity and build collagen, essential for a healthy, younger looking complexion. Manufactured in a FDA registered facility, Cosmedica Skincare’s SUPER YOUTH Phytoceramide is vegan, certified organic, GMO and gluten-free, and made in the U.S.

“We are excited to begin offering SUPER YOUTH Phytoceramide for Skin, Hair and Nails as part of our line,” says Cosmedica Skincare. “Our company has a minimalist philosophy when it comes to skincare. We use simple formulations with only the highest quality, most pure ingredients to offer our customers effective products with unparalleled cosmetic and dermatologic benefits.”

Cosmedica Skincare’s products are formulated to infuse skin with anti-aging, beautifying active ingredients while also nourishing with the moisture and nutrients it needs for optimum condition. To learn more about the company or purchase SUPER YOUTH Phytoceramide, visit Cosmedica-Skincare.com.

About Cosmedica Skincare

Cosmedica Skincare is committed to providing the most advanced and effective skincare products on the market today. The company’s mission is to enhance the health and beauty of skin so that its customers feel perpetually beautiful and unshakably confident in their complexion. All Cosmedica Skincare products are paraben-free and come with a 30-day, no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee. For more information, visit Cosmedica-Skincare.com.

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About Cosmedica Skincare

Cosmedica Skincare is a dedicated to high quality skin care products. We sell worldwide and on focus on natural and organic ingredients

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