Highlight Design Studio Launches Nov. 5 With 2018 Holiday Cards Collection

New graphic design business aims to help people highlight the best parts of their life with greeting cards as well as Instagram.

Highlight Design Studio Logo

Highlight Design Studio is a new graphic design company announcing its launch on Nov. 5, 2018. Owned and created by Megan Hall, Highlight Design Studio offers greeting cards specifically designed to highlight the best parts of life. Many people highlight their lives on Instagram, Facebook and similar platforms, but not everyone is on social media. Using Highlight Design Studio’s greeting cards, people can reach their friends and family in the real world.

“There seems to be this trope out there, that you only post the best parts of your life on Instagram and Facebook – you don’t post about the real hard or difficult days,” says the owner, Megan Hall. “But how do you project that image to your friends and family – older relatives maybe – who aren’t on social media? How will they know how great your life is?” Starting with holiday cards and growing to include graduation announcements, wedding stationery, baby announcements and more, Highlight Design Studio is the answer.

But how do you project that image to your friends and family - older relatives maybe - who aren't on social media? How will they know how great your life is?

Megan Hall, Owner, Highlight Design Studio

Highlight Design Studio’s first collection is a line of holiday cards featuring 11 different designs. Customers can choose from six pre-selected messages or insert their own. They also have the option of adding a photo to the card. Whether they want to highlight their family, their pets or their fabulous self, Highlight Design Studio has an option for everyone. Customers can order sets of physical cards and envelopes or they can select the digital download option and print the cards themselves.

Holiday cards were one of the original opportunities for bragging about family and accomplishments. Families sent out cards with letters describing all the highlights of their past year. But now, anyone can send out cards thanks to Highlight Design Studio. “Whether you want to brag about how awesome your kid is or the fact that you kept your cactus alive for almost the whole year, our holiday cards are the perfect way to do so,” says Megan.

Megan first started making her own cards when she was 10 years old. What started as a hobby to spend time with her mother has now become her career. Megan is a military spouse so even though her educational background is in civil engineering, she decided to start her own online business instead of searching for a new job every two to four years. Megan adds, “While this isn’t exactly what I expected to do with my career, I really enjoy graphic design and am looking forward to taking this business wherever we go next.”


Highlight Design Studio offers quick and convenient greeting cards designed to highlight the best parts of life. Whether it’s a graduation announcement, baby announcement or holiday cards, Highlight Design Studio will help people reach out to friends and family even if they aren’t on Instagram. Visit www.highlightdesignstudio.com to choose from our designs or to work with designers to create custom cards. Follow us on Instagram at www.instagram.com/highlightdesignstudio, Facebook at www.facebook.com/highlightdesignstudio and Twitter at www.twitter.com/highlightDS.


Megan Hall, megan@highlightdesignstudio.com

Source: Highlight Design Studio

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