Higher Health Spine and Sport Provides Award Winning Chiropractic Services in Bellevue and Seattle

Ending Pain and Reducing Stress through Holistic Therapy

Dr. Pauline Haugen

Named “Best Chiropractor” in both 2017 and 2018 by 425 Magazine and Top Doctor by Seattle Met, Dr. Pauline Haugen of Higher Health Spine and Sport is on a mission to help cure the community of pain through holistic therapy. 

Utilizing massage, professional chiropractic services, ergowave therapy, cold laser therapy, cupping, spinal decompression and functional nutrition, Dr. Haugen believes in whole wellness through natural methods that combine Eastern and Western techniques. 

“I believe that pain can be resolved through natural, holistic methods that correct the problem, not hide it,” said Haugen. “Our team is specialized in helping everyone from athletes to moms, and works with each individual to get them where they want to be in their health journey.” 

Dr. Pauline Haugen opened Higher Health in 2009, after seven years of practice in Colorado. Higher Health’s newest location in Bellevue provides luxury and pampering with organic teas and beverages, a spa-like atmosphere and welcoming service. Higher Health accepts most insurances and has payment plan options available to work with those without health insurance. 

“It is our mission to spread health throughout the community,” said Haugen. “We welcome everyone into our space, and love partnering with local businesses in Bellevue and throughout Seattle.” 

Dr. Haugen was first exposed to the benefits of chiropractic care as a young athlete. She ran for the Canadian National Team and then earned a full scholarship to The University of Michigan where she became an NCAA Division 1 athlete in track and cross-country. As a nationally competitive runner, Dr. Haugen suffered a number of sports injuries. After years of frustration, it was chiropractic care that got her running again and stopped the repetitive injury cycle.

The concept of diagnosing the underlying cause of the injury versus simply treating the symptoms inspired Dr. Haugen to become a chiropractor. Dr. Pauline Haugen is also a BASI certified Pilates instructor, specializing in injury and sports rehabilitation pilates. She also specializes in functional nutrition and weight loss, as well as properly fueling the body for an active lifestyle or athletic performance.

Dr. Haugen realizes the importance of chiropractic care in the workspace; therefore Higher Health is now partnered with professional co-working entities such as WeWork to assist those that work at desk jobs in proper posture alignment and preventive health. Her new line of pharmaceutical grade supplements, ProGlow and ProFunction, is also now available for purchase online for the highest form of nutrition on the market. 

To learn more about Higher Health, visit www.higherhealthspineandsport.com. Higher Health’s office is located at 1200 116th Ave. NE Suite F in Bellevue, Washington. Call 425-454-0199 for inquiries or to book your consultation. 


Source: Higher Health Spine and Sport