High-Tech Xlive™ Doorbell Protects People, Pets and Packages

Wireless Input Technology, Inc. is revolutionizing home access and security with their innovative smartphone-controlled video doorbell.

Xlive smart video doorbell

Answering an ordinary doorbell ring can be a risky business in today’s world. Xlive™ by Wireless Input Technology, Inc. is indeed the first smart video doorbell that works to keep people safe without opening their door. Moreover, it can monitor children and pets, and even controls the garage door for package deliveries for an added level of security.

Following a successful Indiegogo funding campaign, Xlive™ is now in production. Formerly known as the Xchime doorbell, the company began shipping backers’ orders in January 2018 and it’s now available for worldwide purchase online. The app is available for Android and iOS operating systems and each member of the family can set up their own account from the same doorbell.

Xlive™ is a revolutionary new app-enabled doorbell that contains an HD video camera with night vision and live video feed, has motion detection capabilities, one-way video and two-way talk, along with cloud storage. It’s Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled too.

Individuals with an Xlive™ doorbell can see, hear and communicate via their smartphone or tablet when someone comes to their door. Xlive™ owners can interact with visitors in real-time no matter where they’re located. The doorbell sends a message to the user’ smartphone when anyone approaches their door.

The infrared and microwave motion sensors alert users when someone approaches and uses a home’s existing doorbell wiring for power so there’s no new wires to run. With the innovative Xlive™, there’s no lag time to affect video and voice quality.

Video begins recording and saving to the cloud the moment motion is detected, whether or not the doorbell is rung, though a storage membership subscription is required for saving the video. The unique doorbell can function as a child or pet monitor outdoors or inside with a wall power adapter, and Xlive™ also has the ability to activate smart lights to ward off burglars.

Homeowners will feel more secure while seeing who is on the other side of their door without being seen themselves. The doorbell’s advanced technology enables individuals to communicate with delivery drivers and open the garage door where deliveries can be kept for safety.

The Xlive™ provides homeowners with a superior level of safety and convenience, while eliminating the problems like lag inherent with other types of doorbells. The advanced design and capabilities represent the next generation of smart doorbells that protect people, pets and packages.

For more information, visit: https://xlivepro.com/

About Wireless Input Technology, Inc.

Wireless Input Technology, Inc. was founded in 2014 with headquarters in Wilmington, DE. The team is comprised of ex-Motorola engineers with extensive experience working on embedded device design and development. The talented team at Wireless Input Technology, Inc. is working diligently on the next generation of smart home products.

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About Wireless input technology inc.

Wireless Input Technology, Inc. specializes in building IoT smart home products. Current products are smartphone-controlled smart video doorbell and garage door controller, the smart alarm system will be released to the market in the middle of 2018.

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