High-Tech Firm SecretValet Makes Simple Data Storage Obsolete

Secret Valet

SecretValet announced today that after two years of extensive research, development, and testing with a select group of industry and government experts, it is making its service publicly available.  SecretValet is an online service where people can store important, sensitive, or personal information securely, fully encrypted, and then have that information Delivered to designated recipients when a triggering event takes place. 

"We are changing the way people think about information, especially personal information.  We bring Information to life and ensure that the right people have it at the right time rather than it just sitting on a hard drive, on DropBox, on iCloud, or on some other static storage system." – Sahar Ismail, SecretValet CEO

"SecretValet has achieved the pinnacle of innovation: providing a solution to a real-world need while tackling the important issues of security and user-friendliness head-on."

Emily Duke, Founder of the Duke Law office and Cyber Smart Law

Anyone who has information that they want to be sure gets delivered to someone else, even if they themselves are no longer around, can benefit from SecretValet Services.  SecretValet is the only site in the world that provides this service and has patents pending on both the delivery of information after a triggering event and on SecretValet’s unique and elegant method of encrypting information to military standards but without requiring the person storing the information or the recipient to remember a passphrase

There has always been a conundrum with leaving information to others.  If you encrypt the information so it is secure, then the recipient needs to know the passphrase and they need to remember it possibly for years.  If it isn’t encrypted, then the information could be compromised and accessed by anyone. 

SecretValet has figured out how to address both of these issues in an insightful, secure, and user friendly fashion. There are other sights that provide similar services, but those sites only solve half of the problem.

SecretValet is easy to use.  Just sign up, tell us to whom and when you want information delivered, then choose the files, pictures, or documents that you want to store.  We do the rest.  Unlike other, less secure services, you don’t need to tell your recipient, or others, that there is information waiting for them, and you don’t have to rely on others to ensure the information is delivered when you want it to be.  SecretValet is the perfect spot for keeping wills, powers of attorney, messages to be delivered to someone at a future date or after your demise, or even reminders to yourself. 

See how easy it is for yourself by watching our “how it works” video and our introduction demo on www.secretvalet.com

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If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Sahar Ismail at 952-847-3229 or email at Sahar.M.Ismail@secretvalet.com.

Source: SecretValet LLC

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