High Speed Experts Open-Sources Broadband Connectivity Data and Creates Platform for Tech Consultants

As digital technologies race ahead at breakneck speed, IT workers and consumers alike often struggle to keep up with the latest products and services. A new online tool and IT (Information Technology) education platform, High Speed Experts, is working to help fix that problem.

The core tool offered by High Speed Experts is a broadband availability tool that allows users to check their internet service options at an address level — for residential service as well as business connectivity. While competing services simply make estimates based on zip code, High Speed Experts leverages proprietary data and advanced back-end logic to deliver results with an accuracy measured in meters rather than miles.

This is possible thanks to a combination of public and private data sources, combining a large network of privatized “lit” address data with street-level connectivity estimations based on fiber route mapping.

Rather than encouraging a social network standard like many IT platforms, we're shooting to create a more editorial experience with vetted, detailed content and an interactive commenting system to collect and answer common questions on specific subjects.

James Webb

Tech Consultant

In addition to their refined search tool, High Speed Experts is actively partnering with technology consultants and subject-area experts to open-source IT information for the general public. In the long term, their goal is to create a central platform for sharing clear, helpful, and up-to-date IT information on subjects like Online Privacy, SD-WAN (Software Defined Wide Area Network), and CDN (Content Delivery Network) services.

While they might not admit it, even senior IT workers frequently turn to web forums for answers to tricky problems and explanations of new technologies they want to master. High Speed Experts seeks to be a better answer to their queries, and provide more unbiased information than existing forum threads and tech news outlets. Meanwhile, tech consultants and experts featured on the platform can leverage the organization's reputation for building and enhancing their standing in their field. "We like to think of it as Stack Overflow meets MacAdvisor," said High Speed Experts team member James Webb.

High Speed Experts is one of the first public-facing websites to offer address-level connectivity data for residential and business Internet services. Rather than calling dozens of providers and navigating complex call centers and web portals, users can simply type in their address and instantly see detailed results with registered service at their address. The company also actively collects time-limited plans and Internet deals from providers like Verizon Fios to help consumers and businesses simplify their shopping process.

"The IT industry is missing a central platform for detailed, outsider-friendly technology guides and educational content," said technology consultant Jameson Zimmer. "The High Speed Experts team holds themselves to a high standard, which is part of why I'm excited to partner with them and build great products."

High Speed Experts has also launched a comprehensive city-level Internet connectivity guide in 50-plus metro areas across the USA that helps consumers access "hidden" information; for example, steps for participating in low-income Internet access programs, overviews of startup activity in growing local tech industries, and explanations of state infrastructure agendas.

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High Speed Experts is a broadband connectivity search engine and IT industry education platform based out of Austin, Texas.

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High Speed Experts is a broadband connectivity search engine and IT industry education platform based out of Austin, Texas.