'High On Heels' Documentary Explores the Shoe Women Come to Experience

'High On Heels' - Documentary Film

A 45-minute documentary film from two Atlanta-based independent filmmakers at DocuJourney Productions and Lola Kay Productions, High On Heels, explores the popular accessory women come to experience. With its social representation and unique style trends, high heels have evolved into an international fashion staple. As a conversational piece, this fashion film dives into the key aspects of heels in lifestyle choices, feelings of sexuality and beauty, the shoe's history and the health factors that come with wearing them. It also educates women (and men) about the symbolism of heels and highlights the perspective of professional women whose day-to-day lives are impacted by them. Voices in the film come from shoe designers, stylists, dancers, models, fashion bloggers, influencers, educators, doctors, and everyday women.

High On Heels made its digital debut on YouTube this spring and is now available on Amazon Prime Video. Both popular streaming platforms allow the film to reach more diverse audiences in this moment of social distancing and home quarantining. YouTube reaches a younger, mobile-friendly demographic of viewers who are interested in this pop culture topic. Amazon reaches a family-friendly, niche audience of documentary lovers who want to be informed and entertained on how high heels are more than just a shoe.

This documentary was completed in a little over a year as a unique collaboration of DocuJourney Productions and Lola Kay Productions, companies led by independent filmmakers based in Atlanta, Georgia. High On Heels has already received widespread interest from its premiere screenings in Miami and Atlanta.

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