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Professional Sound Equipment

Senzar Acoustics, a growing industry leader in the design, manufacturing and sale of professional sound speakers, live stage equipment, studio monitors and more, is revolutionizing the technology available to musicians who are looking for flawless sounds.

Senzar Acoustics has more than 30 years of experience providing performers with high-quality sound equipment. Founded as Acoustic Service Company in Moscow in 1989, it transformed into a full-range, professional sound reinforcement company in 1995. At this time, the company also took on the name Senzar, a reference to the universal language of music.

The sound experts at Senzar Acoustics know that reliability is just as important as quality. Every piece of Senzar Acoustics equipment is made according to the highest industry standards, with speakers, systems, line arrays and amplifiers built to last through every concert and every tour. Music lovers who listen or play music at home benefit too, with top-rated home speakers, amps and more optimized for exceptional listening.

Earlier this summer, Senzar Acoustics joined fellow sound enthusiasts at the 2019 National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) Show in Anaheim, California. Speaking on Senzar Acoustic’s unique product listings at the event, celebrated musician Donald Waugh noted that “not all speakers were made equal” and praised Senzar Acoustics for “[showing] us how high-end speakers should look and sound.”

No design detail is left unattended to in Senzar Acoustic’s product collection. Featured products include:

  • Studio Monitors
  • Sound Amplifiers
  • Live Sound Equipment
  • Stage Monitors​
  • Subwoofers

Professional musicians, tour managers and even hobby musicians expect the best when it comes to their equipment. To that end, Senzar Acoustics is committed to the design and manufacturing of only the best sound equipment in the business and, like its customers, refuses to ever settle for anything less.

Head to www.senzaracoustics.com to stay up to date on new product offerings, news and events. Want to test out Senzar Acoustics sound equipment in person? Stop by the Senzar Acoustics store, located at 76 Sanderson Avenue in Lynn, Massachusetts. Bring a favorite CD, LP or file and discover firsthand what a big difference the right equipment can make.


Senzar Acoustics


Source: Senzar Acoustics

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Senzar Acoustics, a growing industry leader in the design, manufacturing and sale of professional sound speakers, live stage equipment, studio monitors and more.

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