Hidden Signs a Company Should Outsource Customer Service Uncovered in New DATAMARK Report

Underperforming contact centers can boost service and profit by partnering with experienced customer service outsourcing companies that address these easy-to-miss signs, the leading BPO firm says.

DATAMARK, the premier business process outsourcing (BPO) company, recently released “When Should You Outsource Customer Service?” The comprehensive checklist, which provides an in-depth look at symptoms of an underperforming customer service center and potential solutions, is available to read at DATAMARK.net.

The paper is part of DATAMARK Insights, a series designed to arm business leaders with strategy-enhancing data, trends, and additional information on creating more competitive and profitable companies. Readers can explore articles, whitepapers, case studies, videos, and more in the ever-growing library of free resources. Special hubs for healthcare, insurance, finance, government agencies, and other industries that cope with challenges such as large amounts of repetitive back-office tasks and tight profit margins, are provided as well.

“When Should You Outsource Customer Service?” walks readers through several signs a contact center is not performing that customer service outsourcing companies can help with. While some, such as failure to meet or set goals, are common reasons people choose to outsource customer service, others, such as high absenteeism and turnover rates, are often overlooked. The report notes that companies grappling with the latter face additional costs from replacing employees and typically deliver sub-par service. However, all can be remedied by partnering with a specialty firm that has experience keeping employees happy and motivated in contact center positions.

“Turnover rates are one of the biggest problems companies struggle with,” explains DATAMARK President Bill Randag. “Employees of in-house contact centers routinely complain about the repetitive nature of the work, lack of advancement opportunities, and general morale of facilities. Being a people-focused company, we’ve developed systems that boost engagement and employee satisfaction, so turnover and absenteeism are incredibly low.”

He says that DATAMARK routinely wins awards for company culture, which he attributes to their four corporate values: teamwork, integrity, respect of others, and teachability. Employees have clear advancement paths and engage in activities like community service, which create a positive environment that keeps people happy and motivated.

“Addressing people-related issues and establishing a strong workforce goes a long way to solving many of the issues companies face, but we attend to the finer points of service too,” Randag continues. “Our business reengineering process identifies opportunities for enhanced efficiency and methods to improve service further. As a result, companies that outsource customer service through DATAMARK see greater profit as well.”

With decades of experience in the industry, investments in technology, and a global footprint, Randag says DATAMARK clients receive unprecedented results and often become eager to explore other ways the BPO firm can help them once their contact centers are up and running. “It’s a rewarding experience for everyone,” he adds.

Learn more about outsourcing customer service at visit DATAMARK.net.

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Source: DATAMARK Inc.