Hidden Job Market Expert Rainer Morita's Book 'The Morita Method' is a Best Seller in Five Countries

'The Morita Method' offers a complete job search system, helping executives making more than $250K annually find their perfect job

Rainer Morita, an international job search coach and hidden job market expert for over 15 years, has coached more than 5,000 executives worldwide to find their perfect job. Now he is bringing his expertise directly to readers across the globe. His new book “The Morita Method” is helping high-end executives and entrepreneurs market themselves and find the perfect job in half the time.

The book is already a best seller in Australia, Canada, Germany, the United Kingdom and the United States. “The Morita Method” provides an effective five-step system and superior interviewing skills for landing multiple job offers in the hidden job market. The system has been proven and tested worldwide and is showing particular promise in expat hubs and satellite locations.

“My method is focused on helping premium executives and entrepreneurs to find the perfect job,” Morita says. “With ‘The Morita Method,’ executives and entrepreneurs diligently market their skills, experience and reputation as a unique and innovative solution provider who maximizes opportunity and minimizes risk. I teach how to bypass human resources with a laser-sharp solution proposal focused on cutting straight to decision-makers’ needs. This way, competition is low and odds turn in your favor.”  

Be it a New York to London step-up of a McKinsey-turned-private-equity executive or a Silicon Valley to Tokyo move of an IT executive, Morita has an edge with international projects. “Especially with expats or business leaders in expat hubs such as Dubai, Geneva, Munich, Zurich, Singapore, Shanghai or Tokyo, there is a lot at stake and it is easy to get stuck in your job search. If you want to get things done and sleep well, you may wish to talk to an expert. Middle East and Asian markets, in particular, show strong demand for hiring international leadership talent with execution capability and cultural dexterity,” says Morita.

Morita is an associate partner at one of the world’s top-20 search firms and affiliated with New York-based BlueSteps, which is the exclusive career service provider of the Association of Executive Search Consultants (AESC).

About Rainer Morita

Rainer Morita is an international job search coach and hidden job market expert helping professionals worldwide secure valuable jobs. Morita also holds job search seminars for international audiences at the Tokyo Institute of Technology and the RWTH Aachen University International Academy in Germany.

His new book “The Morita Method” teaches executives and entrepreneurs how to navigate the hidden job market and secure the next best opportunity in 120 days by learning and applying the concepts provided. It can be found on Amazon and more information, including case studies, can be found at MoritaMethod.com.

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