Hi Cartagena Tours: A Cholon Party Tour and More

Cartagena Cholon Party Tour

Hi Cartagena, one of Colombia’s leading guest management and travel concierge firms, believes that, in order to harness the power of the popular vacation destination of Cartagena, it’s imperative to offer a variety of tours and experiences which cater to the tastes of one and all. Each activity is closely monitored and no detail is forgotten, ensuring that each guest gets as much bang for their buck as they can. There are too many tour companies in Cartagena to count; none of them even come close to delivering the high-end service and quality that Hi Cartagena offers.

The moment one contacts Hi Cartagena, they are provided with a private, bilingual concierge who ensures that each guest’s needs are taken care of so that everyone has a memorable time, while still meeting high standards of service. Everything is taken care of from airport and hotel pickups and drop-offs to personal dining reservations. Hi Cartagena offers staffed charters of luxury yachts and vehicles to provide clientele with easy, safe, and effective transportation, arranges end-to-end tours, and even creates some of the most exciting parties in the city.

From a Historic Walking Tour to Skydiving

Cartagena has so many unique and exhilarating adventures that visitors will have to keep coming back again and again to experience it all! If a visitor is historically minded, they should consider taking a historical bicycle tour. Cartagena is a UNESCO World Heritage Site filled with old colonial mansions, military ramparts, and fortresses, perfect for any history buff. Historical tours are some of Colombia’s most popular tourist activities, as the city is teeming with trivia and the culture of yesteryears. If a visitor really wants a taste of Colombian nightlife, then there’s always the ever-popular Chiva tour. Cartagena is famous for its Chiva buses, which are recognized all across Colombia as being a national symbol of strength and ingenuity. Those who really like to live life to the fullest should pair a Chiva tour with a Colombian drinking tour. Cartagena offers some of the strongest aguardiente in the world: a must-try for any booze connoisseur. Want to get tipsy topside? Check out Cholon Island, the Colombian version of Lake Havasu! Charter a boat and take as many as friends as desired, or grab a spot on a shared boat that goes to Cholon Island every weekend where the party never stops!

The Party Never Stops

Whether it’s participating in outdoor sporting activities, taking in the wild nightlife, or learning about what life was like back in the old colonial days, Hi Cartagena offers an adventure for everyone who feels that wanderlust. The perfect blend of urban modernity with quaint antiquity, Colombia offers beautiful sights for sore eyes as well as a never-ending list of fantastic things to do and try. Hi Cartagena pulls out all the stops to ensure that every traveler is comfortable, safe, and having the time of their lives, no matter if it’s a party of five, a family on vacation, or somebody flying solo. Call or click today to learn more about the can’t-miss tours and adventures from Hi Cartagena!

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