HFR, Inc. Announces my5G™, Standalone Whole Network for Private Wireless

HFR, Inc

HFR, Inc. (KOSDAQ 230240), the leading ICT company in Korea, announced availability of a pre-integrated private 5G standalone whole network. This 3GPP R15-compliant package includes key components such as vCore, vCU/DU, indoor and outdoor RUs, plus an integrated CPE and business management platform.

Teaming with SK Telecom, HFR has provided a private 5G SA whole network to several factories in Korea. These setups include a 5G SA virtualized Core, vCU/DUs, and sub-6GHz radio units on-premise to serve reliable, high capacity and low latency applications. For example, in one application, large-scale image data is collected through industrial-grade CPE equipment using 5G modems to transport over the private 5G SA network and interact with AI applications in the cloud. HFR's pre-integrated private 5G SA network is available for simple installation requiring just one or two days to turn on services.

Prior to these recent smart factory deployments, HFR has also provided the 5G SA network solution to a Japanese system integrator to enabled Local 5G in Japan. Local 5G is a wireless service institutionalized by the Japanese Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC) starting in 2019. Local 5G enables municipalities and enterprises to build their own 5G private wireless networks to deliver business services, including supporting a wide range of factory automation applications. Leveraging Local 5G with extended security and availability, enterprises can achieve Industry 4.0 to improve productivity across the manufacturing process.

"HFR's my5G™ is a pre-integrated whole 5G SA network with end-to-end service provisioning with network slicing. HFR will continue to build a marketplace for applications on the 5G SA network working together with partners to deliver increasing value to the end customers. We also expect to expand private wireless network deployments into North America following our success in Japan and South Korea," stated Peter K. Cho, Global CTO, HFR Inc.

As the private wireless market grows, 5G Standalone networks will be the preferred choice for offering high capacity bandwidth, ultra-reliable and low latency connectivity for Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) applications including collaborative robots, industrial cameras and sensors. HFR's pre-integrated 5G SA Whole network is a significant milestone for the global advancement of private networks.

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HFR, Inc. (KOSDAQ 230240) is the leading ICT company in Korea, offering a full range of 4G and 5G RAN transport, broadband and Private 5G products. For the last 25 years, HFR has provided innovative solutions and services to the world's largest mobile operators.  HFR has established strong partnerships with Korean mobile operators resulting in leading-edge technology, field-proven deployments, and expansion into the global market. For more information, visit www.hfrnet.com.


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HFR, Inc. (KOSDAQ 230240) is the leading ICT company in Korea.