HexaBuild Provides Live, Virtual, Hands-on IPv6 Training

Advanced cloud, security, and networking consulting firm HexaBuild Inc. announced today that they have developed a live, virtual instruction method. The goal was to fulfill the demands of distributed global clients while providing more cost-effective training solutions and, at the same time, reduce their overall carbon footprint for travel and freight.

HexaBuild's IPv6 experts have been providing hands-on IPv6 training for nearly 15 years, often taught at the client's location. However, this may not always be feasible.​ HexaBuild's has spent the past year updating their training method and curriculum to enhance the live, virtual, hands-on experience for students. With over 20 courses available, nearly all can be provided through a company's collaboration platform of choice. These classes are an interleaved combination of live instructor lectures and demonstrations, as well as hands-on lab exercises. Students progress through a student guide that leads them through all the IPv6 scenarios, reinforcing the lecture materials.

With this new approach, students don't need any local IPv6 connectivity. They simply use a web browser, connecting over the Internet from their corporate network—or from their home offices to the cloud lab environment. Once they authenticate and pass through a jump-host they will be immersed in a dual-protocol sandbox lab. Each student is provided a dual-protocol virtual server installed with all the IPv6 security and testing tools. Each student also gets to configure their own virtual router and has access to all the IPv6-enabled lab equipment, including firewalls, routers, servers, and applications.

"Teaching IPv6 classes has been very rewarding for me because I love to share my enthusiasm and knowledge of IPv6 with students. It is gratifying that we have received extremely high praise and great feedback from former students who have gone through these IPv6 classes." -Scott Hogg, HexaBuild CTO. In student evaluations, HexaBuild has been pleased to receive very positive feedback such as "The instructor was deeply knowledgeable, experienced, and professional." Some attendees said, "It was the best training they attended while working in this role for the past 10 years."

Organizations recognize that they need to maintain their staff's technical skills, particularly in IPv6-facilitated emerging technologies like cloud, IoT, security, and automation. Companies have goals to make it easier for their employees to attend training courses and reduce their internal travel for face-to-face events. There is also a cross-industry desire to reduce CO2 emissions resulting from travel to training and events.

HexaBuild's virtual IPv6 training supports these goals while providing a rich learning environment from some of the top experienced instructors and industry consultants. HexaBuild also works closely with many of the top IT consulting firms, and HexaBuild services are available through many existing corporate relationships and agreements.

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