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HexaBuild, Inc. is pleased to announce the release of its 2020 IPv6 Adoption Report titled "The IPv6 Internet is the Corporate Network." The title is an acknowledgment of the worldwide shift, due to COVID-19, to a more distributed workforce relying on an IPv6 Internet.

"IPv6 is becoming the primary protocol of the Internet and this is happening due to the rapid shift of companies having their employees work from home and not in a shared office space. Many organizations are now realizing their employees have IPv6 (via a dual-stack solution) from their local service providers at their residence or mobile provider and this is impacting security, policy and compliance. They now need to get IPv6 adopted so they can manage and deal with it appropriately," says Tom Coffeen, Chief Strategy Officer and co-founder of HexaBuild.

The report continues to cover global trends in IPv6, details about adoption rates at current ISPs, wireless providers, web and content providers as well as similar data for enterprise networks. The report aggregates data available from diverse sources, including websites that specifically collect and track information about IPv6 adoption, performance, and trends. This information is collected and compiled to make it easier for technology executives and decision-makers to understand how all IT trends are significantly impacted by ever-accelerating IPv6 adoption in the Internet. It also reveals that many organizations are observing similar growth in IPv6 in their own networks and from their own perspective.

"There is a lot of IPv6 growth due to the pandemic. These core shifts toward rapidly increasing IPv6 adoption will likely not change even after the COVID-19 pandemic ends. We also see our channel partners incorporate IPv6 professional services and training offers into their networking practices due to the demand from Fortune 1000 as well as state and federal government (likely because of the new U.S. federal IPv6 mandate that was just released). Cloud, Security, IoT, SDN and SD WAN continue to present unique opportunities for partners and clients to deploy IPv6," said Ed Horley, HexaBuild's CEO and co-founder.

Visit the HexaBuild website to learn about the various services and solutions the company provides and download a copy of the HexaBuild 2020 IPv6 Adoption Report today.

Media Contact: Steve Rogers, President & COO, Steve@HexaBuild.io

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