Hex Brings Flexible Analytics & Data Science Experience to the Databricks Lakehouse

The collaborative workspace for analytics and data science is now available to Databricks customers via Databricks Partner Connect

Analytics on data lakehouse

Collaborative data science and analytics platform provider Hex announced today its availability to Databricks customers within their Databricks environment via Databricks Partner Connect. With Hex on Databricks, users can connect to the Databricks Lakehouse Platform, analyze their data in collaborative SQL and Python-powered notebooks, and share their work as interactive data apps that anyone can use. 

Hex was created to empower users of all skill sets to make decisions backed by data. The analytics workspace is commonly implemented as the front-end to the modern data stack, thanks to its simple yet elegant design and its first-class integration with other key components like Databricks, which provides unparalleled data processing and storage. 

With native SQL support, Hex users build powerful analyses and data apps entirely from Databricks queries, or they can switch over to Python and leverage its rich package library. For less-structured data or to run Databricks jobs that aren't SQL-friendly, Hex's flexible notebook-based workspace lets users upload files, make REST API calls, and replicate other data notebook tasks.

Databricks customers can simply click the Hex tile from Databricks Partner Connect to activate a Hex trial within Databricks, automatically generating objects and/or granting access to their database of choice to power a Hex project. 

"The ability to easily combine Python, SQL, and no-code cells in an elegant UI on top of the Databricks Lakehouse means a much broader set of analytically curious people can work together," said Barry McCardel, CEO and co-founder of Hex. "Feedback loops are shorter, data products are better, and organizations build knowledge faster. We encourage all Databricks users to try Hex today from Partner Connect."

"Many Databricks customers rely on the lakehouse to power strategic analytics initiatives such as Customer 360 programs or fraud prevention efforts," said Roger Murff, VP of ISV Partners at Databricks. "Hex makes it easier for domain experts and skilled data scientists to reach insights together and build apps that directly impact and drive value for their business. I look forward to seeing what customers accomplish when they use Hex on Databricks."

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About Hex
Hex empowers users of all skill sets to make decisions backed by data. Its platform for collaborative analytics and data science combines SQL, Python and R notebooks, data apps, and knowledge management, making it easy to use data and share the results. Users publish work internally or externally as interactive data apps with drag-and-drop in responsive layouts anyone can use. Learn more at hex.tech

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Hex is a platform for collaborative analytics and data science. With Hex, teams can work together across SQL, Python, R and no-code. Hex notebooks have powerful AI assist built right in, to help generate queries, debug errors, and document code. Once finished with an analysis, users can publish projects as beautiful, interactive reports that anyone can use. Hex is helping hundreds of data teams do amazing things with data, together.

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