Hex Brings Cloud-Native Notebooks to Snowpark

Elegant UI for SQL, Python, and No-Code allows collaboration across users on top of Snowflake

Hex Snowflake data science and analytics on the Data Cloud

Today at Snowflake Summit, collaborative data science and analytics platform provider Hex is announcing support for Snowflake's developer framework, Snowpark. This integration is part of growing momentum between Hex and Snowflake, coming on the heels of Hex achieving Snowflake Premier Technology Partner status, completing the Snowflake Ready Validation Program, and being listed in the Snowflake Partner Connect.

Hex was built to be cloud-native, and to work with Snowflake's Data Cloud. Its unique architecture and tight integrations let users move beyond limits of traditional notebooks, and modernize their workflows for the cloud. Most - or all! - data processing can be pushed down to the Snowflake Data Cloud, taking advantage of Snowflake's scalable compute and advanced caching. Discovering insights and building apps on data stored in Snowflake using Hex's analytics workspace takes just minutes. Joint customer wins include Clipboard Health, Glossier, Notion, and Opensea.

Snowflake introduced Snowpark in 2021, allowing developers to connect their favorite tools via API, such as Python, and deploy them in a serverless manner to Snowflake. The integration with Hex's notebook UI provides an elegant front end for data scientists and analysts to connect to data in the Snowflake Data Cloud, do exploration and analysis in SQL and Python, build interactive data apps, and share them broadly. 

This integration benefits data literate stakeholders across the organization: 

  • SQL users who are proficient in Snowflake now have a low-barrier entry point to try doing data science work in Python. 
  • Python users can take full advantage of the power and scalability of the Snowflake Data Cloud for data science workflows.
  • All users have an easier way to collaborate with each other, with the capability to toggle between Python and SQL, and between notebook and published app, in the same environment. 

"The Snowflake Data Cloud is our single source of truth for data, but running analytics directly on Snowflake has traditionally been limited to SQL users," said Abhishek Modi, software engineer at Notion. "Snowpark opens the Data Cloud to a wider audience, which aligns with our use of Hex as a self-serve analytics environment supporting users ranging from our marketing team to seasoned data scientists. Hex and Snowpark together will help us truly democratize data for users across the business." 

"At Snowflake, we build partnerships with leading technology providers that help our customers deliver meaningful data insights, democratize the use of analytics, and offer a delightful experience," said Tarik Dwiek, head of Technology Alliances at Snowflake. "Working with Hex has allowed us to deliver in a big way. Our shared customers, including data scientists, are building data apps faster and empowering business users to make smarter decisions."

Hex initially joined the Snowflake partner program in September 2021 as a Select Technology Partner. Recognition as a Premier Technology Partner means that Hex has completed the next level of technical integration and has extensive joint customers with Snowflake. In becoming Snowflake Ready Validated, Hex has successfully completed the third party technical validation confirming its Snowflake integrations are optimized for both function and performance.

"Hex is a core component of our modern data stack, supporting exploratory analysis, model prototyping, and hosting internal data-powered tools," said Jerry Shen, head of Data at Opensea. "Our ability to do work in Python and also write SQL against a DataFrame in Hex that reads and writes directly from Snowflake is really key to helping us productionalize our work."

"We see Snowflake and Hex as two core components of the modern data stack," said Barry McCardel, Co-founder and CEO, Hex. "Together, we're pushing the envelope in terms of creating organizational knowledge from data in a cloud-native, future-looking environment."

As part of Snowflake Partner Connect, it's easy for Snowflake customers to start a Hex trial directly from the Snowflake Data Cloud. From the Snowflake Partner Connect in app menu, users click the Hex tile to activate a Hex trial connected to their Snowflake account, automatically generating objects and/or granting access to their database of choice to power a Hex project.

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