Hetherington Group Announces New Trademark Investigations Service

Clearing, Asserting, and Defending Trademark Rights to Minimize Attorney-Client Costs, Risks, and Delays

Today, Hetherington Group (Hg) announces a new service: Trademark Investigations. In this new offering, two expert Hg analysts will conduct open-source investigations (OSINT) to support attorneys in clearing the landscape for new brand identities, asserting territorial ownership, and defending existing trademarks against unauthorized third-party infringement.

"We are thrilled to enter the arena of trademark investigations," stated Hg's president Cynthia Hetherington. "It is a natural progression for us, as we have been conducting due diligence and business intelligence for over 25 years. In this exciting era of innovative startups and online merchandising, brand awareness and trademark protections are a vital part of a company's identity and legacy. We welcome the opportunity to work in partnership with legal professionals seeking to protect their clients' brands and trademarks."

Hg understands a client's desire to minimize costs, risks, and delays in securing a new brand identity or defending against third-party infringement. Its analysts work with intellectual property attorneys to understand client-specific needs and develop a strategic investigations plan to provide clear, concise, and complete attorney work-products.

Hg's investigators scour open sources, social media networks, public records, and internet archives to substantiate legal cases defending territory for brands and trademarks, including competitive intelligence on first use of a mark and subsequent trademark appearances. Hg's detailed reports provide a thorough understanding of when, where, and how a trademark or trademark infringement appeared.

Hetherington Group understands the legal world and regulatory frameworks in which corporations and privately held companies operate. Its ability to investigate one or multiple jurisdictions including but not limited to North America, Central & South America, Europe, Africa, Middle East, and Asia ensures legally and ethically sound attorney-client products. 

Hetherington Group (Hg)

Hetherington Group (Hg) is a New Jersey-based security, intelligence, and investigations firm committed to making our world a safer place from online predators, fraudulent activity, and exploitation through online investigations, cyber intelligence, and global trainings and collaborations. With over two decades of expertise, Hg's investigators and analysts track down and expose vital data on national and international investigations; train thousands of investigators in the public and private sectors annually; and share their expertise in this increasingly data-intensive, cyber focused-world through the publication of an industry newsletter and recognized investigative reference books. Hg is a certified National Women Business Owned Corporation, a certified Women's Business Enterprise, a NJ Women Business Owned Corporation, and NY-NJ Port Authority Women-owned Business Enterprise.


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