Herpes Dating Site/App MPWH Sees an Over 150 Percent Increase in Traffic in Recent Two Months, Helping Make Its Members More Confident in Real Life


Contracting herpes doesn't have to kill confidence and crush social lives. MPWH, an online community for singles with herpes, is breaking through these obstacles, growing at a rapid rate and skyrocketing members lifestyles and self-esteem.

In news sure to be a relief for people with herpes, online herpes dating site and app MPWH is helping to remove the stigma associated with HSV. In an amazing breakthrough, MPWH recently celebrated a 150 percent growth in membership in just two months, compared to the same months in 2017. This gives more and more singles with herpes a great resource to turn to, to meet other HSV singles with herpes for friendship, dating, romance and most of all to boost their own confidence, something that can positively impact nearly every area of life.

Still growing in popularity every day, MPWH is an easy-to-use resource for chatting, making connections and setting up real-life meetings, when appropriate. The value it offers to people with herpes wanting to build rebuild their social life can be immense. PC, mobile site and app versions are all available.

“We understand how difficult it can be for someone with herpes to reconnect socially so we have set up our online community, which is No. 1 in the world, to help make this easier,” commented Michelle Lee, the co-founder of MPWH App. “We are saying NO to stigma, NO to judgment, NO to depression and NO to loneliness here on MPWH.”

According to the online community, MPWH is designed to ensure the privacy of users, is for people with herpes only and is backed up by very active forums that touch on nearly every topic that touches on life with herpes/HSV and related lifestyle issues.

For more information, be sure to visit https://www.mpwh.com.

Download MPWH here: https://www.mpwh.com/app



Source: MPWH