Heritage Foods Launches Keep Them Healthy Program

Wyoming Company Matches Community with First Responders for Daily Nutritional Needs

First Aid Meal Boxes

Heritage Foods, a meal company rooted in nutritional science, announced today their Keep Them Healthy Program aimed at helping front line and first responders stay healthy during COVID-19. The program pairs community members wanting to help during the crisis with essential personnel who need healthy, convenient food during their long shifts. Each First Aid Meal Box contains a full daily dose of nutrition including breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and desserts for $39 a day. Meals can be purchased for first responders on the company website and can include a personalized note from the donor.

Says Chairman John Pope, “These essential workers need essential nutrition to stay healthy and keep the rest of us healthy. And that’s where Heritage Foods can help.”​

About Heritage Foods: Heritage Foods is a clean food manufacturing company rooted in nutritional science. Our mission is to provide you with everyday food that is safe to eat, affordable, and delicious. Our foods are conveniently available to order online for delivery. Change is possible, you aren’t alone, let’s get started.

Contact: Kate Lacroix

Email: klacroix@theblueskygroup.com

Source: Heritage Foods


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