HERD Delivers Competitive Pricing and Increased Warranty on Popular Grille Guard Series

HERD, a leading manufacturer of front-end protection and truck accessories, has made several new announcements related to its popular Grille Guard product line. Designed with durability and functionality in mind, the HERD's Grille Guards offer drivers and fleet managers the ultimate front-end protection for their vehicles. Available in three different sizes that increase the scale of coverage and two different finishes to fit each unique rig, HERD's Grille Guards offer unparalleled protection while enhancing the overall look of a truck. 

One of the standout features of HERD's Grille Guards is its competitive pricing. Despite being made with the highest-quality materials in the industry, HERD has managed to keep each guard at an affordable price that is below competitors, allowing owners, operators, and fleet managers to gain access to premium protection without breaking the bank. 

Because Grille Guards play a crucial role in maintaining driver safety on the road, HERD has increased its production to cut down lead times and even keep the most popular models in stock. Customers can get their guard on the front of their trucks as quickly as possible without unnecessary delays. Owners and operators can rest assured knowing that ordering from HERD means getting the protection they need when they need it. 

In addition to being competitively priced and ready to ship, HERD has also increased its warranty coverage. Each Grille Guard now comes equipped with an all-new three-year warranty on manufacturing defects, protection that is three times the industry standard. The increased coverage also extends to HERD's patented Grip Latch system, which includes a five-year warranty and comes standard on the Grille Guard 200 and 300. 

"At HERD, we take pride in producing the highest-quality products on the market," said Marc Daudet, CEO of HERD. "Our Grille Guards have been designed in conversation with drivers and fleet managers, and with competitive pricing, quick shipping, and extended warranty, we're confident that this will be a product that our customers will be proud to have on their trucks." 

For more information about HERD's Grille Guards and to place an order, visit HERD.com.

About HERD

Since its founding in 2003, HERD has emerged as one of North America's premium manufacturers of front-end protection. The Winnipeg-based company has built a reputation for producing high-quality and innovative products that enable drivers and fleet managers to maximize their trucks' performance. While gaining recognition for its Truck Guards and Grille Guards, HERD also offers a variety of high-quality trucking accessories and recently announced an all-new Electric Power Division, further expanding its innovative product offerings. 

Source: HERD