Herbal Tinctures - Much safer then prescription drugs.

After prescription drugs almost ruined my life I have gone back to my roots and now use herbal tinctures as my medicine. I was son inspired with the healing powers of herbs that I studied them and started my company.

An herbal tincture is made by taking a dried or fresh medicinal herb and placing it in an extracting liquid such as alcohol to bring out the medicinal qualities of a plant. We then use this tincture in small quantities to treat certain illnesses. A herbal tincture has not been altered with other chemicals like pills have therefore it is the pure medicine from the plant only. This form of medicine is available for any illness and again has been around for thousands of years in one form or another.
I was so convinced but what I had learned about herbs that I started my own herbal company making Natural herbal tinctures with herbs I have gathered or grown myself. I was so inspired from my own experience to share with others through my herbal tinctures that helped me that I now carry a tincture for almost any illness.


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