Hera BioLabs Announces Exclusive Global License With Charles River

Charles River will license Hera's SRG rat (OncoRat), the first highly immunocompromised rat model


Hera BioLabs, an innovative service and technology provider with novel genetic engineering products, has announced a collaboration with Charles River Laboratories, International Inc. for a global license agreement to commercialize Hera's SRGTM rat (OncoRat®). The SRG rat is the first highly immunocompromised rat model, validated for xenograft studies in oncology and infectious disease research applications. 

Under this new collaborative agreement, Charles River will breed, distribute, sell, and market the SRG rat directly to the preclinical research community, while Hera will focus on providing services utilizing the model. 

Hera BioLabs CEO, Dr. Mike Schlosser, commented, "We are very pleased to be working with Charles River, a company known for delivering high-quality products and services for drug discovery and development. Their confidence in Hera's SRG rat as an emerging go-to model is evidenced by this collaboration and highlights the transformative technology offered by Hera. This agreement creates substantial opportunities for Hera BioLabs to grow our SRG rat franchise in conjunction with Charles River's portfolio expansion, bringing high-quality research models to investigators worldwide."

Colin Dunn, Corporate Senior Vice President of Charles River's Research Model and Services, commented, "We are thrilled to add the SRG rat to our portfolio of research models, which will expand the availability and distribution of this impactful oncology model for preclinical research."

About Hera BioLabs

Hera Biolabs is an innovative preclinical service and technology provider with novel genetic engineering and animal model creation technologies. Hera created the SRG™ rat, the first commercially available highly immunocompromised rat model validated for human tumor xenograft studies (OncoRat®). Hera has its own proprietary genetic engineering technologies, the piggyBac® DNA Delivery System and the Cas-CLOVER™ Site-Specific Nuclease System platforms used for cell line modification and animal model creation. Hera makes available to researchers in industry and academia our genetic engineering technologies and related products. Hera also provides services in these areas, performing cell engineering and in vitro and in vivo oncology studies for clients. Hera conducts all work with excellent scientific rigor and customer service at our laboratories, which include an AAALAC-accredited state-of-the-art vivarium, centrally located in Lexington, KY.   

About Charles River

Charles River provides essential products and services to help pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, government agencies and leading academic institutions around the globe accelerate their research and drug development efforts. Our dedicated employees are focused on providing clients with exactly what they need to improve and expedite the discovery, early-stage development, and safe manufacture of new therapies for the patients who need them. To learn more about our unique portfolio and breadth of services, visit www.criver.com.

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Chris Brenzel 
Hera BioLabs, Inc. 
Senior Director, Business Development 

Source: Hera BioLabs, Inc.