Hera Becker is Running for Republican State Committeewoman Position in Broward County for August 30th 2016 Election and Asks for Votes From Fellow Republicans

Hera Becker is a young and energetic Liberty Republican who is running against Sharon Day for State Committeewoman position in Broward County. She wants to grow the Republican Party and is passionate about the Constitution and keeping the U.S. a free country. She wants to attract independent and young voters to the GOP in Broward County.

Hera Becker is Candidate for Broward County Republican State Committeewoman

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Hera Becker is competing for State Committeewoman in Broward County against incumbent Sharon Day. Day has run unopposed during her 20 year tenure, except for one minor challenge in the previous election.  The following information below is for fellow Republicans in Broward County and written by a B.R.E.C. member passionate about growing the GOP in Broward County.

​Hera Becker has been a lifelong resident of Broward County and Chairwoman of the Republican Liberty Caucus of Broward County. She achieved a B.A. in Political Science at the age of 20 and an M.B.A. in Finance at the age of 21. Hera Becker also has an M.S. in Industrial-Organizational Psychology.  She is also an award nominated film producer and volunteer for equine-assisted therapies of South Florida.  Her passion is to grow the Republican Party by attracting independent voters and the younger generation of voters.

Hera Becker desires to increase the Republican registration in Broward County, which has decreased under the reign of State Committeewoman Sharon Day. Registered Republican voters in the county actually rank 3rd behind registered Democrats and Independents. This is due to many factors of a transient population in South Florida, but it is certainly embarrassing for the tenure of Sharon Day. Bad results for years are hard to explain away.  GOP voter turnout in Broward County was dwindling further in 2014 midterms, even in a GOP winning year nationwide. Even in 2016 voter registration rolls, the Democrats’ advantage in voter registration went from 312,000 to 322,000 as well as up in Miami Dade County, while in all of the rest of Florida, voter registrations for GOP have gone up. Has Sharon Day done her job well as State Committeewoman? Republican voters in Broward can decide who to represent Broward Republicans either by early voting or on August 30th. A link to early voting times and locations for voting is below.

Brenda Snipes and Supervisor of Elections Office: A Troubling Incident
It appears that Dr. Brenda Snipes, the Broward Elections Supervisor, may not have wanted Hera Becker's name on the ballot. First, Hera Becker’s name was missing from the absentee ballots. Snipes countered that the error had been corrected and that the erroneous ballots never got to the voters. Snipes said that Hera Becker noticed online that her name was missing and flagged the error to the elections office. The details of this incident were covered in the prominent publication, Sun Sentinel. Hera Becker had filed for the State Committeewoman position by the deadline. There is still a lingering question though if any absentee ballots left out her name. Candidates who file for electoral races on time and by the rules shouldn't have to experience these kind of mishaps.


Broward Republican Executive Committee Meeting August 22nd

​Also, Hera Becker seemed to get push back from the Republican establishment as well during their monthly meeting August 22nd in Deicke auditorium. Becker was prohibited from speaking at the Broward Republican Executive Committee because "she wasn’t a member." This seemed to conflict with the agenda of the meeting, since in that same meeting they allowed judicial candidates who weren’t B.R.E.C. members to speak to the group for at least 2 minutes each. A litany of Broward County Court Judicial candidates seeking election, even some who could be Democrat leaning privately but not allowed to say party affiliation, were very motivated to speak to the influential Broward Republican Executive Committee, some even running over their two minute allotment of time. Even the male State Committeemen candidates were provided the opportunity to address the B.R.E.C. crowd earlier in the meeting, just as the judicial candidates were given time. (There is one male State Committeeman and one female State Committeewoman who will be elected by the Broward GOP voters on August 30th) . At the end of the B.R.E.C. meeting, Sharon Day got to speak for at least five to ten minutes. Only "members" were allowed to speak then. Maybe this was just an oversight in a busy meeting or was a deliberate strategy to deny Hera Becker the chance to speak. It appeared in the least to be bad form which raises suspicions of integrity in our campaign/election process.

Election Day for the Primaries in Broward County is August 30; however, early voting is allowed from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. through August 28 at various locations throughout the county. The exact locations, as well as additional information on the Broward County Elections website can be found at http://www.browardsoe.org/Voting-Methods/Early-Voting-Dates-Hours-and-Sites

Broward County Republican State Committeewoman Candidate Info:

​For more information about Hera Becker and why she is running, go to http://herabecker.weebly.com/why-im-running.html. Broward Republican voters deserve the choice to grow their numbers and get better results in Broward County by choosing their representatives.

Source: B.R.E.C. Member


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About Concerned Republicans of Broward County

Our political system is supposed to be accountable to the public. Republicans need to be informed about their choices and candidates placed on the ballot. The State Committeewoman position is very important to growing the GOP in Broward County.