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Her Sports Corner is a one-stop source for female sports enthusiasts to get sports facts and news. Founded in 2015, the online resource has built a dedicated following for helping increase knowledge and understanding of a number of sports. From game rules to fun facts about teams and athletes, Her Sports Corner has quickly become a game changer for female fans.

Her Sports Corner has its own team of writers that cover baseball, football and soccer. Our goal is to promote a better experience for female sports fans while watching sports events. Now armed with new knowledge about their favorite teams and rules, we encourage female sports fans to share what they learn with friends and family. 

Check out www.HerSportsCorner.com to see what we’re all about. We’d love to “team” up and have you in our corner. To discuss opportunities for working together to access the female sports fan market, please contact us at info@hersportscorner.com.  

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