Henderbooks Releases Four New Biomedical Thriller and Science Fiction Titles

Henderbooks announced today the release and one week FREE download of four new books: "Emergence" (science fiction), "Vibrations" (science murder mystery), "KISS" (biomedical thriller), and "The Pleasure Pill" (biotechnology/political thriller).

Henderbooks, a new independent publisher, announced today the release of four books entitled: "Emergence" (science fiction), "Vibrations" (science murder mystery), "KISS" (biomedical thriller), and "The Pleasure Pill" (biotechnology/political thriller). The books are all available free of charge for one week in ePub format at the company website. Eric Henderson, company founder, said, "Despite having nearly one hundred scientific publications under my belt, when I began to write novels I found myself to be a babe in the woods with regard to promoting and publishing genre fiction. The field and technologies involved in the process of independent promotion and publishing are evolving rapidly. I am counting on my thirty years of business and academic experience developing and improving technologies in the sciences to inform the strategies we employ as Henderbooks grows."

When asked about the next stages of growth for the Company Henderson said, "This year we are gathering information, developing marketing strategies, and building the necessary relationships to move toward our vision of the one-stop shop for independent promotion and publishing. One thing I have learned well is that re-inventing the wheel is a losing strategy if the parts already exist and just need to be assembled and fine-tuned. So the plan is to find the best tools, avoid/eliminate the unnecessary elements, minimize the user cost, and thereby create a powerful and economic service for independent authors!"

About Henderbooks

Henderbooks is a new independent publisher founded by Eric Henderson, Ph.D. a writer of genre fiction and a researcher in the field of bionanotechnology. The mission of Henderbooks is to integrate social media, cutting-edge service providers, and emerging trends in printed and electronic media to create a one-stop portal for promotion and dissemination of the high quality independently authored books.

Website: www.henderbooks.com

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