HempWholesaler.com - Opening New Indoor Hemp Grow & Processing Facility for Bulk Raw CBD Distribution

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​​HempWholesaler.com, a leading NY-based distributor in the ever-growing hemp market, is announcing a dramatic expansion of their existing business model, including a new indoor hemp growing facility, R&D, processing and product line.

Since their launch, HempWholesaler has been primarily focused on wholesale CBD distribution of retail-ready CPGs of popular CBD brands, like CBDistillery, as well as smaller niche brands. Their catalog consists of a wide array of products including wholesale CBD oil, wholesale CBD flowerCBD cigarettes and more. Now, HempWholesaler is diversifying with the development of a new advanced indoor hemp growing facility, processing, production and distribution of raw cannabinoids, used for manufacturing goods such as wholesale CBD isolate.

The model will include bulk distribution of in-stock and ready-to-ship CBD (cannabidiol), CBD-A (Cannabidiol Acid) CBG (Cannabigerol), CBG-A (Cannabigerol Acid), CBN (Cannabinol), CBC (Cannabichromene), CBDV (Cannabidvarin), THCV (Tetrahydrcannabivarin), THC-8 (Delta-8-Tetrahydracannabidol), THC-A (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinolic acid) and other rare and niche cannabinoids - all of which are hemp-derived and all competitively priced, based off the constantly changing spot price indexes. These molecules can be extracted down and sold at different levels of purity from crude oils to ultra-pure crystalline isolates.

HempWholesaler has created a quick ship, in-stock inventory of the most popular forms of the raw forms, including CBD winterized crude oil, full & broad-spectrum distillates, and crystalline isolates. Customers can also expect to find unique and proprietary products such as crystal-resistant CBD distillate (no additives) and nano/water-soluble isolates, which are mainly designed for beverage manufacturing.

For manufacturers looking for unique ratios of cannabinoids or very specific requirements, HempWholesaler can produce per contract requirements. 

This is just the beginning, says CEO Liam Burns. "Over the next six months, we expect to complete the build-out of our latest indoor hemp growing facility, located in Broome County, NY." This facility, Liam says, will “not only be used to grow premium CBD flower but will be equipped with arrays consisting of thousands of sensors - collecting metric data and monitoring KPIs on the grow cycles." He points out that "We will utilize AI and deep learning to collect, process and analyze these trillions of data points ... allowing us to rapidly uncover, create and breed new hemp genetics that target specific cannabinoids or create genetics with symbiotic ratios of cannabinoids and terpenes to treat specific symptoms or ailments. The power of AI also opens the door to uncover new, undiscovered and ultra-rare cannabinoids. The end result will allow us to exponentially improve upon the existing extraction processes and procedures, create new and higher quality products, faster turn-around times, while simultaneously lowering cost for manufacturing.”

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