HelpWire Introduces Team Management for Additional Remote Support Flexibility

HelpWire introduces team management features for a more efficient workload distribution. Adding and managing remote support technicians is easier than ever.

HelpWire Team Management

Electronic Team, Inc., a remote control software solution provider, has announced the release of a new feature for HelpWire, its user-friendly and completely free remote desktop service.

The Team Management features enable tech support teams to distribute workload optimally through Teammate Invites, Role Hierarchy, Company Profiles, Cross-team Access, and Centralized Contacts

Feature Highlights

Teammate Invites: 
Expand your team by sending single or bulk invitations to multiple email addresses simultaneously. 

Role Hierarchy: 
Define clear roles within your organization. Company Owners have the authority to create, run, and delete companies, while Support Operators can focus on assisting remote clients.

Company Profile:
Enhance your Company's presence by customizing its name and adding a brand logo, crafting a more professional approach when supporting the clients.

Cross-team Access: 
Act as a Company Owner to manage your own remote support team, while also being able to join other companies and contribute as a Support Operator. 

Centralized Contacts: 
Maintain a cohesive remote support as clients can be managed by all Operators within the same Company. Should the primary Operator be unavailable, another team member can effortlessly step in at any time.

The Team Management tools are intended to speed up task resolution and facilitate team administration, while also being straightforward and not requiring much time or effort to learn.

This newly added feature set is now free for all HelpWire users. Organizations interested in utilizing HelpWire to enhance their remote support workflow can visit for more information.

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Source: Electronic Team, Inc.

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