Helpmonks Launches Next-Level Team Collaboration Platform

Helpmonks is announcing the launch of the latest iteration of its flagship product that combines shared inbox, live chat, CRM, and Email Marketing further

Helpmonks is proud to announce a new version of its core product by the same name. Helpmonks is an all-in-one team collaboration tool that combines team emails, live chat, and an Email Marketing Platform.

Helpmonks users can stay within one tool to get a complete picture of every customer interaction. Be it via live chat on their website, a response to their marketing campaign, or traditional email.

"We always tried to give our users a holistic view into their business within Helpmonks. However, this new version takes it to the next level and is optimized for today's modern businesses. Just about everything has been re-designed from the ground up to meet today's requirement on customer success." - Nitai Aventaggiato (Founder) stated.

Email Management Systems provides support, sales, and marketing teams an all-inclusive tool to communicate with customers. The new Helpmonks version has vast improvements to make work easier and faster.

Some of the significant improvements made to the new version are:

Email Organization: Apart from the standard unified inbox, the software allows users to customize how they want to view and manage emails fully. Besides, the new version features split-views too.

Flow: With "FLOW," the company created an email waterfall feature that lets users of Helpmonks scroll through their emails and quickly reply or leave a note internally.

Everything in one: The new edition provides users a holistic view of their customers' history. For instance, viewing an email thread shows the past emails and live chat transcripts, notes, attachments, and more at once.

Contact & Company Management: Compared to the previous version, Helpmonks users will now find a complete CRM-like contact and company management capabilities within the tool. Including a comprehensive attachment overview of all emails past and present.

Enhanced search: Everything in Helpmonks can be found in milliseconds. Apart from emails, the new search also returns contact, company, and file information.

Performance enhancements: The performance has been enhanced by eliminating unnecessary coding that slowed the previous version down.

SaaS, Cloud Servers, OEM: Helpmonks pricing is by mailboxes, not per user. Furthermore, Helpmonks can be deployed on a dedicated cloud server. Moreover, the company provides a White-Label option for resellers.

Cross-Platform Compatibility: Helpmonks works with every email provider, e.g., Exchange, Microsoft 365, Gmail Workspace, and others. 

SMS & WhatsApp: The company also announced that SMS & WhatsApp capabilities are being added shortly.

About Helpmonks LLC: Founded in December 2013, Helpmonks provides an email management platform that improves customer communication. While starting as a shared inbox solution, it has become an entire team collaboration suite. It features an all-in-one tool with Live-Chat, Customer Relationship, To-Do Manager, Workgroup option, and Email Marketing. Over 2000 top companies with millions of emails use Helpmonks daily to manage their team email workflow. For more information, visit

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