HelpingDoc Enables 'Online Consultation' with Doctors Feature

Online consultation with doctors is a boon for patients who cannot visit their clinic due to certain issues. It's a sure shot way of getting appropriate treatment whilst not having to be present for medical examination.

HelpingDoc Pvt. Ltd. that runs the portal connecting patients and doctors has launched a new feature of 'ONLINE CONSULTATION'. This feature allows patients to directly consult their selected doctor online from any part of the world. It churns out very well for patients as it enables them to discuss their health issues in a fast, convenient, reliable, cheaper and secure manner. For doctors, they get to know patients and their health concerns with a few clicks resulting in quicker advice. Doctors can get the preliminary understanding and guide the patient accordingly. One of the great features of this service is that patients don't have to pay a huge amount to avail the benefits.

In the words of Mr. Amit Bansal (founder and CEO of HelpingDoc), "We were thinking of augmenting this service to our existing range of services for a long time. We had been receiving patient requests for Online Consultation for quite some time. We did small surveys in which we asked both patients and doctors about the service. After getting a positive response, we finally decided to launch the online consultation feature. Initially, there were some hiccups regarding the pricing, but now things are falling into place."

In India, generally people don't vocalize about their health concerns, especially women. Online consultation service is a platform for such patients to approach their chosen doctor for appropriate treatment. Doctors practicing sexology and urology are the biggest beneficiaries from this service purely because of the health issues they attend. A person suffering from reproductive disorders or having health issues starting a family (for instance) can benefit immensely from this feature.

HelpingDoc has been in services since April 2012. The company aims at bridging the gap between doctor and patient engagement. So far, it has earned the reputation of being number one online appointment booking service in Delhi/NCR. Mr. Amit Bansal points out, "We have a doctor base of 4000+ and expanding. They are all top practitioners from leading medical institutes. Besides booking appointment online, patients can discuss their health issues; show the doctors their medical reports in advance rather than describing their symptoms over phone. We are working on some other features that will be rolled out soon."

The online consultation feature enables doctors to have one-on-one conversation with patients to answer medical queries, give opinions or second opinions and facts based suggestions on multiple health issues. It significantly minimizes the emergency room visits of a doctor and reduces the costs of those wanting to visit the clinic. One of the great benefits of this feature is if a patient is on vacation and inadvertently falls sick, he/she cam immediately consult his/her doctor through online consultation and get relevant medication. Incurring long-distant expenses just to communicate with the doctor and wasting a full day sitting around in a waiting room is a pass now.