Helping Refugees Survive and Integrate Into Their New Home

Forced to flee their homes, refugees in Brussels learn vital skills to gain employment in their new country.

Churches of Scientology for Europe in Brussels, where all are invited to find out about the Volunteer Ministers program.

The Churches of Scientology for Europe in Brussels, Belgium, hosted a Volunteer Minister seminar for a dozen Iraqi and Syrian refugees to help them adjust and survive in their new home.

In their own countries, most of these men held responsible, skilled positions in professional fields: They included engineers, business executives, a carpenter, a director and an optician. But as immigrants in a new and, to them, often confusion country, they have been unable to work in their fields or integrate into the local culture.

With the help of an Arabic translator, the men were taken through a seminar on communication skills from The Scientology Handbook, the textbook of the Scientology Volunteer Ministers, to help them overcome these untenable circumstances.  

Tense and worried when they arrived at the Church, while doing the communication drills the men visibly  relaxed, laughed and enjoyed the training.

After the communication training, a local nonprofit delivered a workshop to help them gain employment in Brussels. They learned how to compile a CV and how to procure the Belgian equivalent of the certification  they had in the own countries. They also requested and received information on local customs and manners so they can feel certain and comfortable when they go for job interviews.

All agreed the tools they learned were highly beneficial and they were interested in having more training. They also wanted to set up these seminars for other refugees. 

The Volunteer Ministers program was expressly intended for use by Scientologists and non-Scientologists alike. Anyone of any culture or creed may train as a Volunteer Minister and use these tools to help their friends and families and communities. And all are welcome to do so.

Equipped with effective technology to resolve virtually any difficulty, Volunteer Ministers live by the motto that no matter the problem, “Something can be done about it.”



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