Helping professionals gather for systemic constellations conference Nov. 12-15 in San Diego

This rapidly growing alternative healing method helps families, businesses and organizations with focus on ancestors and multi-generational trauma, with 50+ innovative workshops scheduled: multi-generational trauma, veterans, nature, coaching and more.

The North American Systemic Constellation Conference will bring professionals and students from throughout North America and around the world to San Diego from Nov. 12-15, 2015.

The conference, titled “Embracing Our Roots, Standing in Our Strength,” will feature more than 50 workshops and other events that show the versatility, depth and innovative potential of this rapidly emerging experiential approach that shows how the focus on our ancestors’ lives can stimulate positive change for many seemingly insoluble problems.

"We are experiencing a tremendous deepening of the work, with far-reaching integration of the field with other disciplines and a wonderful explosion of innovation,"

James Woeber, conference co-chairperson

“There’s no better place to be exposed to the wide variety of constellation practices in North America, to learn about constellations and to network with like-minded practitioners,” says Leslie Nipps, co-chairperson of the conference and a San Francisco coach, who uses constellation methods to help people remove their business blocks. This conference ensures a growing and wide-ranging conversation about constellations, and a way to share it beyond our current community.”

With increasing studies that document that traumatic experiences are passed from generation to generation, this alternative method is now becoming known throughout the United States. It is drawing not only mental health professionals but also organizational consultants, educators, coaches, community activists, clergy and alternative health practitioners such as chiropractors, energy workers, acupuncturists, homeopathic and naturopathic physicians, and others in the healing arts.

Accompanying the growth of the method is the growth of the conference itself, which is celebrating 10 years this year. The first conference took place in 2005 in Portland, Ore., and was organized by Jane Peterson, a former engineer and artist who now holds a doctorate in human and organizational systems and has brought workshops in systemic constellations throughout the globe, from São Paulo to Shanghai.

James Woeber, co-chairperson of the conference and constellation facilitator who teaches alternative therapies in San Diego, says it’s a “very exciting” time for the growth of constellation work in North America.

“We are experiencing a tremendous deepening of the work, with far-reaching integration of the field with other disciplines and a wonderful explosion of innovation,” he says. “The conference will be an inspiring, connecting, enlivening nexus of this profound work for everyone who wants to reap the benefits in their personal and professional lives.”

The conference, taking place at the Bahia Resort Hotel, offers rich opportunities for everyone from experienced facilitators to newcomers to those who are walking a healing path.

Conference highlights include:

·         Keynote speaker Sneh Victoria Schnabel, an internationally acclaimed German psychotherapist who combines ritual, shamanism and meditation with constellations and has introduced constellation work to India and Italy and to the Native Americans in the United States. She is a contributor to the 2013 book "Returning to Membership in Earth Community: Systemic Constellations with Nature."

·         Featured speaker Edward Tick, a psychologist who is well known for his work with veterans and their families and author of the new book, "Warrior’s Return: Restoring the Soul After War," where he presents a powerful case for changing the way we welcome our veterans back from service — a vision and a path for transforming the wounds of war into sources of wisdom, honor and growth.

·         Featured speaker Ingala Robl, one of the leading trainers in Mexico, who pioneered the introduction and development of constellation work in Mexico, Colombia and other parts of Latin America. She is the author of numerous books and founding member of the Mexican Association of Therapists in Constellation Work and dean of the University Center in Constellation Work for a master’s degree.

·         Featured speaker Francesca Mason Boring, bi-cultural author, international facilitator and trainer, is an enrolled member of the Shoshone Nation. She facilitates Family Constellations, Constellation as Ceremony, Nature Constellations and Human Systems Constellations and is the author of "Connecting to our Ancestral Past: Healing through Constellation, Ceremony and Ritual A Native America Perspective."

·         50-plus workshops and other activities demonstrating the many applications and innovations of systemic constellations, both personal and professional, by a variety of presenters.

·         Opportunities for participants to take part in constellations sessions or set up a personal session for themselves.

·         Continuing education credits for health professionals.

Systemic Constellations were developed about 30 years ago in Germany by psychologist‐philosopher Bert Hellinger, who noticed that severe traumas and losses influence our lives for many generations. Hellinger integrated methods derived from family psychotherapy and indigenous cultures into his approach, which identified reliable steps for transforming these ancestral memories for good.

The work is popular throughout Europe, Russia, Asia and Latin America and is steadily gaining recognition in the United States. Constellations can be integrated into any healing or growth‐oriented process and often produce enduring positive change for many seemingly insoluble problems.

Early-bird registration fee ends Aug. 14. Day-long and full-conference options are available for attendees.

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