Helping Autistic Teens Reach Their Potential

Innovative Autism Network announces launch of Connections Teen Program to help address lack in services.

Many Connecticut communities have a profound lack of social, pre-vocational and living skills programming for individuals in the autism spectrum ages 13-17. This undeserved population and their families are often left with programs that are created mainly for typical peers. These programs are usually not adequate or specific to their child's needs. These offerings do not always provide meaningful programming that can either assist these individuals with maintaining or gaining new skills or helping prepare them for a transition to a vocational/day program, college or community integration. IAN Connections Teen Enrichment Program will help to bridge this gap in services for these individuals.

"Connections is something that was born out of a need in our communities. Over the years many families have reached out to us about the lack of appropriate programs and activities for their teens. Since we already provide a continuum of service for children ages 2-12, Connections is the perfect compliment." said Marcela Nunez Owner and Director of Service.

IAN Connections' goal is to provide a year-round program for these individuals that will speak directly to the current lack of programming and opportunities. Individuals will be able to participate in a number of activities and groups that are not only age appropriate but will also help them learn new skills while maintaining and generalizing the ones they currently possess. Programming will include: center and community based social skills groups, typical peer mentoring, academic tutoring, pre-vocational skills, life skills training and community based recreation opportunities. Participants will also have exposure to career paths by involving local businesses and business professional for hands on experiences. Connections is located in a suite fully equipped with recreational equipment, common area, computer/multimedia lab, adaptable activity rooms and a life skills area.

"We are very excited at the opportunities that Connection will offer to these teens. It will help prepare the participants for the next stage of their lives by providing the skills, experiences and supports that they will need to succeed. They will have first hand experiences and programming that will be tailored to their individual needs. It also offers our existing families a next tier of service for their children when they get older." said Mrs. Nunez. Connections Teen Enrichment Program is scheduled to start in May with both center and community based recreational and social skills programs.

Founded by both an autism behavior analyst (BCBA) and a mother of a child with autism, Innovative Autism Network offers a unique perspective to craft an innovative approach to autism and special needs treatments. IAN provides comprehensive ABA, speech and occupational therapies in one location along with year-round social skills groups, classes and community recreation opportunities. At IAN it is a family team oriented approach across all autism and special needs services that is the key to success. This approach gives families the much needed tools to help in their children's success. IAN offers individualized programs while fostering an inclusive setting to help clients achieve the most success with as little support as possible. IAN offers services in their Plainville facility as well as home and school based programs throughout Connecticut.

For more information on the Connections Teen Program or Innovative Autism Network visit or call 860.351.5407.

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