'Help, Facebook Blocked My Website'

Getting your website blocked on Facebook can be devastating. Take Pao Yin Hao for example, a digital entrepreneur who experienced the turmoil firsthand, “I've had my website blocked (for) months. Been contacting Facebook through forms and searching through the net for solutions,” he said.

Moreover, business owners are at a loss as to why their websites are being blocked. “Facebook doesn't like my URL... It incorrectly blocked my site as being against the Community Standards from the beginning,” said Heidi Viher, founder of Vital Spirit Wellness.

Unfortunately, Facebook errs in caution and appeals from small businesses rarely are heard. Luckily, Hao and Viher found a service that offered a solution to their problem.

“Leaving me no choice, I found Unblock my Website,” Hao said. Skeptical at first, both of them took a leap of faith to salvage the hard work invested into their websites using the service founded by Robin Copernicus. 

Immediately after purchase, Robin contacted Viher and kept communication throughout. 

“Robin responded to thank me for my purchase and let me know that I'd be notified when the work began,” said Viher.

Robin Copernicus is the founder of UnblockMyWebsite.com. He discovered this solution by experiencing the same problem. He’s been helping his fellow digital entrepreneurs since then through his platform: UnblockMyWebsite.com.  

Robin and his Unblock My Website team takes pride in helping people through the platform and has helped hundreds of marketers get their websites out of Facebook jail to save business brands and market, the process includes expediting every necessary option to get the job done correctly and quickly.

“Within a day after, I received my notification that my URL was unblocked,” said Viher.

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