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HelloPrenup has been featured as the prenuptial agreement (prenup) thought leader on The Knot's blog for 'What Is a Prenup? Here's How to Get One'

HelloPrenup has been featured as the prenuptial agreement (prenup) thought leader on The Knot's blog for "What Is a Prenup? Here's How to Get One." The article reviews what a prenup is, why couples should invest in one, and how to actually get one (without ever leaving their couch).

In addition to covering the tremendous benefits of prenups for separating premarital assets, debt, property, inheritance, gifts, etc, the featured article reveals the power a prenup has to "correct unequal power dynamics" that can occur in a marriage. In particular, the overwhelming statistics that show women as the most likely spouse to risk their peak career years for childbearing, rearing, and household management.

"The loss of financial opportunity for [women] and the widening wealth gap over time create an unbalanced power dynamic in a marriage that is almost impossible to recover from in the event of a divorce without a prenuptial agreement. A prenup can correct the course of the wealth gap by allowing parties to contract to financial obligations that help even the financial playing field in a marriage," said HelloPrenup's CEO and family law attorney, Julia Rodgers. 

HelloPrenup is the first online platform to offer prenuptial agreements at a fraction of the traditional cost, access within hours instead of months, and promotes a collaborative process that greatly improves a couple's prenup experience. 

Prenuptial agreements provide overwhelming benefits for couples no matter how big or small their assets and debts are. By getting on the same page prior to marriage (literally), couples propose opportunities to mitigate some of the leading causes of divorce (like money and kids) and obligations during the marriage (like financial responsibilities, property division, etc). Visit HelloPrenup.com to learn more. Use code "TheKnot" at checkout for a limited time offer of $50 off your prenup. 

HelloPrenup has been featured on Shark Tank, in CNN Business, Forbes, The Boston Globe, GeekWire, among others. 

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