HelloPrenup & the Knot Discuss Prenuptial Agreement Hypotheticals to Help Fiances Get on Same Page

Prenuptial agreement (prenup) thought leader HelloPrenup and The Knot have teamed up again to bring a series of life-like hypotheticals to help fiances determine whether or not they need a prenup.

HelloPrenup & The Knot - Should You Get a Prenup? Here's When We Vote Yes

The recently published blog "Should You Get a Prenup? Here's When We Vote Yes" provides context for the changing view of prenups, and a plan of action to help fiances get one.

While establishing the benefits of prenuptial agreements, the article walks readers through potentially applicable scenarios and explains the benefit of a prenup alongside the detriment of a prenup's absence. Engaged couples having a thoughtful discussion regarding prenups gives necessary clarity "to align on decisions for the future". Prenuptial agreements give protection to more parties than just the fiancés, but also parents passing down wealth, business partners, and even children. 

"The act of discussing and negotiating a prenup gives engaged couples a platform with which to open up in-depth communication about important topics they may not have touched on before . . .  Many couples find that through the process of negotiating a prenup, they learn about one another's needs, boundaries, and life goals. This structured inquiry into planning the future of their relationship leads both partners to a deeper understanding of one another," says Julia Rodgers, CEO of HelloPrenup. 

HelloPrenup is a trailblazing online platform that is the first to offer prenuptial agreements at a fraction of the traditional cost, access within hours instead of months, and promotes a collaborative process that greatly improves a couple's experience. 

Prenuptial agreements provide overwhelming benefits for couples no matter how big or small their assets and debts may appear. Getting on the same page prior to marriage (literally), proposes opportunities for couples to mitigate some of the leading causes of divorce (i.e., money and kids) and obligations during the marriage (e.g., financial responsibilities, property division, etc.). 

Visit HelloPrenup.com to learn more. HelloPrenup also offers a discount by adding "TheKnot" at checkout for a limited time offer of $50 off a prenup. 

HelloPrenup has been featured on Shark Tank, in CNN Business, Forbes, The Boston Globe, GeekWire, among others. 

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