HelloPrenup Announces Strategic Partnership With Divorce.com

Facilitating a Strong Foundation for Marriages Through Comprehensive Prenup Support

HelloPrenup Divorce.com Partnership Announcement

HelloPrenup.com, the frontrunner in simplifying and creating accessible prenuptial agreements online, is thrilled to announce its strategic partnership with Divorce.com — the preeminent platform assisting individuals in navigating the complex waters of divorce.

In line with its mission to start marriages on a foundation of clear communication and financial transparency, HelloPrenup will now become the exclusive source for all prenuptial agreements originating from Divorce.com. This partnership exemplifies the commitment of both companies to assist couples in establishing clarity and security from the outset.

"At HelloPrenup, our goal has always been to make prenuptial agreements approachable and straightforward," expressed Julia Rodgers, CEO of HelloPrenup. "Our collaboration with Divorce.com amplifies our reach and ensures that more couples can begin their marital journey with confidence and transparency."

Divorce.com has been instrumental in providing resources for individuals going through the challenges of divorce. 

"In joining forces with HelloPrenup, we're emphasizing the importance of setting the right tone from the beginning of a marriage," shared Elizabeth Stewart, co-CEO of Divorce.com. 

By combining each brand's strengths, HelloPrenup and Divorce.com are setting a new benchmark in the legal tech landscape. From preparing to enter into a prenuptial agreement to considering divorce, this partnership ensures that couples and individuals have the best online and legal resources at their fingertips.

For more information about HelloPrenup.com or Divorce.com, please reach out to Julia Rodgers at Hello@HelloPrenup.com or Nicole Tabatabai at Nicole@Divorce.com.

About HelloPrenup.com: HelloPrenup.com revolutionizes the world of prenuptial agreements, offering an intuitive platform for couples to draft agreements tailored to their unique needs, with the support of attorneys around the country. 

About Divorce.com: Divorce.com is a trusted resource for individuals seeking guidance throughout the divorce journey. With an arsenal of tools, resources, and services from divorce experts, we empower users to navigate divorce's challenges with a greater sense of understanding and assurance.

Source: HelloPrenup

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