HelloPrenup Announces Over 14,000% Growth on Shark Tank Update Episode

It’s been two years since HelloPrenup’s founders, Julia Rodgers and Sarabeth Jaffe, first pitched their prenup platform on Shark Tank Season 13 Episode 6. At the time, HelloPrenup reported just $20K in sales. Today, the company has grown over 14,000% to $3 million in lifetime sales and a valuation of $22 million. The update episode not only highlights HelloPrenup’s huge growth but also powerful new partnerships and scenes from the first-ever HelloPrenup sponsored wedding.

HelloPrenup, the online platform redefining how couples approach prenups, proudly returned to ABC’s Shark Tank, announcing their immense 150X growth. The update episode aired Friday, Mar 2, 2024, on Shark Tank Season 15 Episode 13. 

Since their first appearance in the tank in 2021, HelloPrenup's sales stood at a modest $20K with only a few months in business. At that time, Kevin O’Leary and Nirav Tolia invested $150K for a 30% stake in the company. Today, the company has grown over 14,000% and surpassed $3 million in lifetime sales.

"We are so incredibly honored by the tremendous amount of support we have received from couples all over the world. We started this company to help every couple get on the same page prior to marriage, and we are so proud of the thousands of couples who continue to believe and support our mission,” said Julia Rodgers, CEO of HelloPrenup.

To continue providing couples with an innovative, affordable, and collaborative process, HelloPrenup has partnered with other industry experts, including Proof (formerly Notarize). This synergistic partnership includes an exclusive “prenup package”, allowing HelloPrenup couples to e-sign and notarize their prenuptial agreements online—offering a completely streamlined process. In addition, the leading prenup platform has also partnered with Suffolk University—the top technology law school in the country, to gain real-time access and resources into the top legal solutions entering the market. This ideal partnership highlights HelloPrenup & Suffolk's shared commitment to continuous innovation in the legal tech space. 

“We want to teach our students to deliver legal technology in the 21st century,” said Suffolks’s Dean Pearlman.

Besides partnerships, the episode showcases a deserving HelloPrenup couple saying “I do” in the first-ever HelloPrenup-sponsored wedding. The wedding included a two-day stay in Boston, a venue, a ceremony officiated by Kevin O’Leary, Nirav Tolia as Ring Bearer, two flight tickets for a honeymoon, and more. This also sparked the first of many sponsored wedding opportunities forHelloPrenup couples in the brand’s new give-back initiative of “making ‘I do,’ do more” by continuing to sponsor more couples as they enter their marriage with ultimate peace of mind. 

Want to be the next HelloPrenup couple to win a sponsored wedding? Reach out to support@helloprenup.com for more information. Sweepstake exclusions apply.

About HelloPrenup: HelloPrenup has been featured on Shark TankCNN BusinessForbesThe Boston GlobeGeekWireThe New Yorker among others. 

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