HelloPackage Promises to Revolutionize Package Delivery for Multifamily Communities

New Software and Hardware Product Can Handle Three to Five Times More Packages Than Current Status Quo Package Locker Systems

U.S. consumers will spend an estimated $561 billion online annually by 2020, which spells disaster for multifamily housing communities in the coming years as they work to control the influx of resident package deliveries each day. On average, leasing staff members spend 10 minutes per package, to receive, mark, sort, store, protect, notify and communicate with residents, a cost of $3.34 in time per package. Enter HelloPackage, a sophisticated package management system technology, which launches today, bringing a custom-designed and patent pending system using modern technologies to maximize the number of packages multifamily communities can receive in a limited space.

“We spent over three years perfecting the HelloPackage system, writing more than 20 million lines of software to make sure that apartment communities nationwide can handle the huge influx of packages that are coming through their doors. We did this so that the staff can spend their time leasing apartments, not handling packages,” states James D. Grady, Founder and CEO of Package Solutions, Inc., the makers of HelloPackage. “We’ve designed three different ways to deploy the HelloPackage technology with configurations that work for virtually any apartment community while increasing speed, security and convenience for carriers and residents.”

The HelloPackage system is a custom-designed SaaS (Software as a Service) system with an enabling, plug and play hardware component. Developed out of the Flashpoint startup engineering program at Georgia Tech, the product uses task-specific shelving with advanced weight sensors, computer vision, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to streamline the delivery process for package recipients and carriers.

HelloPackage is designed to allow carriers (UPS, FedEx, USPS, DHL, Amazon, and others) to quickly and easily deliver packages of all sizes, shapes, and weights to the package room, and then automatically notify the resident that their package has arrived. The system also makes it easy for the residents to do their eCommerce returns right in the community. HelloPackage is built to maximize precious space at apartment communities, as well as easily and economically allow for future growth as package volumes continue to increase.

“During my many years leading FedEx Ground, a primary emphasis was improved efficiency for drivers and customers in the final mile delivery of packages to residential areas, including multifamily apartment communities,” says Daniel J. Sullivan, retired CEO of FedEx Ground and HelloPackage Investor/Advisory Board Member. “The technologies developed at HelloPackage solve these last mile delivery issues, not only for carriers but also for apartment community managers and residents. The package room technology invented by HelloPackage represents a paradigm-shifting system that will disrupt the multifamily marketplace, serving as the delivery amenity of choice for countless apartment communities of scale in coming years.”

HelloPackage’s unique patent pending software and hardware platform will integrate with carriers, retailers, apartment owners, and residents using sophisticated software designed to solve the “last mile” logistics problem at apartment communities. The system addresses the same issue for student housing, universities, offices, condo communities, hotels and convention centers.

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About HelloPackage

HelloPackage is a patent pending sophisticated package management system technology, bringing an innovative, lockerless package solution that proves less expensive and more efficient than any other product currently in the market. HelloPackage was developed by Package Solutions, Inc. To learn more about HelloPackage, visit www.hellopackage.com

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