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ISINA launches ISINA.com - a new music platform for artists to find a fanbase, connect with music industry professionals and be discovered

ISINA.com is music

ISINA Academy INC announces the official launch of its new music platform ISINA.com, created by musicians for musicians.

"Music is beautiful. Music is art. Music is self-expression, creativity, and individuality. Music is magic. Music is passion and potential. And music connects us all," says Walter Afanasieff, multi-Grammy Award-winning songwriter and producer. Walter is known for his work with Michael Jackson, Mariah Carey, Celine Dion and many others, and has been a mentor of ISINA since its founding in 2013.

A platform for musicians created by musicians

ISINA's new platform for musicians has been created for artists to be discovered. Singers, songwriters, instrumentalists, producers, and EDM artists create a profile and upload their track or video to ISINA. ISINA's mentors and their teams listen to these tracks, provide feedback, and offer helpful direction. Tracks, songs and videos are heard, seen and liked by thousands of music fans looking to discover their new favorite artist on ISINA.com. Successful tracks are shared with fans on ISINA's social media accounts and in weekly ISINA charts with tens of thousands of views.

"ISINA has always been a platform for musicians to take their career to the next level. But more than a year ago, our world outside started to stand still. No more concerts, no more gigs, no more music festivals. We all experienced an unprecedented global challenge and tragedy together, and yet alone. Today, we feel that the time is right to come together and connect again. As musicians we will share our art, creativity and passion with the world, and be discovered by a new audience," says Oleg Shmelev, CEO and Founder of ISINA.

Music has evolved for fans and is more popular than ever

More than 54 million Americans sing either individually or in a chorus. More than 27 million Americans are musicians. Music is more popular than ever, with more than half of all Americans listening to music every day. With the continued rise of digital distribution platforms, a growing, yet still inadequate, revenue stream is available to artists. With more than 500 million music subscribers today, the need and demand for more and better music is there. Listening to music has never been easier. And since listeners are paying a monthly subscription fee for music or are creating platform revenue by listening to ads, their experience is great. 

The challenge of making it as a musician

How do artists become successful in today's world? How can more musicians be discovered in spite of skyrocketing cost to take the first and second step in their career? Listening to music everywhere and anywhere has been solved, but how do artists "make it"?

Recording one decent demo is not enough anymore, it needs to be great. Having potential is a great start as step one. Labels also want an existing fanbase, a following, and preferably multiple tracks or an album ready to go. Spotify has a broad artist base, but how do you stand out among 1.2 million artists who have 1,000 fans or more? How do you become one of the 13,000 artists that make at least $50k in royalties? And how do we grow this number - together? That's where ISINA's new music platform comes into play.

ISINA is connecting technology, fans, professionals and artists

ISINA.com is new. More than 12 months of listening to artists, planning with experts, talking with music professionals, and extensive platform development are coming together for ISINA's new and expanded platform. More industry professionals are joining our group of mentors. And after a soft launch in March of this year, as of June 17, 2021, ISINA.com is ready to help you be discovered.


If you love music, stay tuned for more exciting updates and follow us.

About ISINA - the artist platform. Upload your track. Be discovered.

ISINA.com is a new music platform helping musicians create better music and empowering artists to connect with a fanbase. Unlike existing digital music platforms built and focused on the listener, ISINA is focused on the artist.

Want to create better music? ISINA's Mentors provide guidance to point up-and-coming and established artists into the right direction to create more great tracks.

Want to expand your fanbase? On ISINA.com, music-fans discover new up-and-coming artists, and artists grow their fanbase.

Want to be the next successful artist? ISINA is re-launching its popular talent search, and all artists that have uploaded a track have a chance to be discovered.

For more information, please visit isina.com


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