Hello Healthy Box Voted Best Work From Home Diet 2020

Massachusetts small business innovates for success during pandemic

Hello Healthy Box

Propelled by demand for both home delivery and Tele-health, this small business has found award-winning success in 2020. We take a closer look at Hello Healthy Box® and how it achieved success in GHP's Fitness and Nutrition awards 2020. The GHP Awards honor those who create innovative products and concepts that cater to evolving trends. GHP Award Article

THE COVID 19 PANDEMIC has changed everything. People are staying indoors more, with many gaining what has become known as the "Quarantine 15." It's easy to see why people have added weight: working-from-home, remote school and more cooking than ever before all pose challenges. The solution for many Americans has been Hello Healthy Box®, a weekly Diet Kit for the workday that delivers the efficacy of medical weight loss clinics at a fraction of the price. Last year, the company made adjustments to reach the critical pandemic working-from-home market.

HELLO HEALTHY BOX®: Instead of driving somewhere to pick up nutritious food or to stand on a scale, this diet-clinic-in-a-box is delivered right to your doorstep. Virtual coaching and weigh-in is easy and clients can build a box with their favorite meals online at hellohealthybox.com. Customers eat any four choices per day, breakfast through afternoon, and then simply add their own lean and green dinner. No counting, tracking or complicated meal prep. Hello Healthy Box® helps control 80% of eating choices by providing everything needed to fuel a busy workday. What sets Hello Healthy Box® apart is that it is designed for convenience and control with working women in mind. It greatly reduces daily meal stress.

PROFESSIONAL RESULTS: Three-quarters of Americans are overweight/obese yet proven ways to lose weight and learn healthier habits exist. This particular proven method has been used by exclusive medical weight loss clinics for years and was recently brought to home delivery by the Hello Healthy Company. Founder, Kerry Gould, explains the nutrition science: "the right nutrient doses at the right intervals keep your blood sugar steady, boost metabolism, keep your body feeling full, instill healthy habits and burn fat fast. When I was introduced to this method, I lost 30 lbs. and it changed my life. I quit my day job, began a master's in Nutrition Science and became passionate about sharing this secret with the next generation." Her business partner, Marci Sapers, adds "we knew we hit the bullseye when a customer achieved her pre-baby weight and told us 'this is the perfect solution for working mothers, I feel like myself again.'" 

ABOUT HELLO HEALTHY COMPANY: Founded by two female executives from Procter & Gamble, the company is reinventing Nutrition Wellness to mirror the shopping experience in other categories. Its first product, Hello Healthy Box® was Voted Best Work From Home Diet 2020.

CONTACT Kerry Gould, CEO
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About Hello Healthy Company Inc

Founded by two female executives from Proctor & Gamble, the company is reinventing Nutrition Wellness to mirror the shopping experience in other categories. It's first product, Hello Healthy Box® was Voted Best Work From Home Diet 2020.

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