Heatshield Products Launching Brand New Heat Shield Material For Cars in Their Growing Line

Heatshield Products

Heatshield Products, a leader in high-quality solutions for heat management, is launching brand new heat shield material for cars in their growing line. Heatshield Products is proud to use only the highest quality materials to develop and create superior, American-made products that maximize a machine's performance and efficiency. According to the team, with products such as heat barrier material, automotive heat shield insulation, car heat shields, and other technologies that implement thermal barriers, Heatshield Products is a top leader in automotive thermal solutions.

Lava Battery Heat Shield

Heatshield Products is launching the Lava Battery Heat Shield, which increases the lifespan of a vehicle's battery by shielding away radiant engine bay heat. According to Heatshield Products, this new battery heat shield uses heat barrier material to ensure that a battery is performing at peak levels by keeping it within its specified operating parameters. These heat shields also work on all types of batteries, from lead, gel, AGM, and lithium, to provide protection from heat damage.

Spark Plug Boot Protector — Pro-Boot™ Shield

Brand new to Heatshield Products' line are the innovative spark plug boot protectors, which help prevent ignition miss-fires by shielding spark plug boots from excessive heat damage. Heatshield Products ensures that these spark plug boot protectors are a critical component to making sure an engine runs reliably in today's modern world. Composed of a lava rock-based fiber and basalt, these boots are 25% stronger than fiberglass predecessors, making these shields built to last. They also offer resistance to abrasion, as well as chemicals, oils, and even acid.

With a hook and loop fastener on the plug wire end that keeps heat, dirt, and debris away from the spark plug boot, Heatshield Products ensures that this innovative patented feature makes it easy to install and gives it a professional look.

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About Heatshield Products

With over 60+ years of experience in the automotive industry, Heatshield Products has been creating honest, American-made products for thermal solutions. Their collection includes heat management options for marine, welding, military, industrial, heavy duty, home, automotive, and motorcycle vehicle applications. 

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