Heather's Choice Acquires Kitchen Space & Increases Production Capacity

Alaskan food startup moves into dedicated kitchen space in Anchorage.

Heather's Choice New Kitchen Space

Heather’s Choice has announced the acquisition of a dedicated kitchen space that will allow the company to increase production capacity. For more than three years, this woman-owned Alaskan startup has been manufacturing dehydrated meals and snacks in shared kitchen spaces. This transition into their own dedicated kitchen will allow Heather’s Choice to produce more products and obtain the certifications needed to start wholesaling their product in cost-effective quantities to outdoor industry retailers.

“Having our own kitchen space is going to allow us to increase quality control and price control,” said Heather Kelly, founder of Heather’s Choice. “This will be the first time we can actually manufacture all of our products in house and have the flexibility to experiment with and release new products.”

Heather’s Choice will also be making moves to get their new kitchen space USDA inspected and FDA approved, which will allow the well-funded food startup to start manufacturing products for wholesale distribution to major retailers like REI and Cabelas. These certifications will also give Heather’s Choice the ability to start processing seafood in house, for meals like their best-selling Smoked Sockeye Salmon Chowder, and the option to incorporate beef, chicken, and pork into their entrees. Heather has also announced her intention to create a line of dehydrated vegetarian backpacking meals to add to the current adventure menu.

About Heather’s Choice:

Heather’s Choice® makes healthy and delicious dehydrated meals and snacks using high quality and sustainably sourced ingredients. Our products are meticulously crafted to be lightweight and nutrient dense to keep outdoor enthusiasts fueled on long expeditions without adding significant weight to their packs. Simply add boiling water and enjoy gourmet backcountry meals like Smoked Sockeye Salmon Chowder or Dark Chocolate Chili packed full of healthy calories. Contact us to obtain a product sample or to submit an interview or podcast request.

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Kayleen Cohen

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