Heartbleed, the First NFT Memorial, to Be Sold in Support of COVID-19 Memorial Day

All NFT earnings will be donated in perpetuity to memorial day efforts.

Heartbleed - Kristina Libby

Kristina Libby, the artist behind the Floral Heart Project and founder of LvL Studio, is selling the first-ever NFT Memorial, titled Heartbleed, to support the creation of a national COVID-19 Memorial Day. The NFT depicts falling rose petals to recognize those who died in 2020 as a result of COVID-19. Each petal represents one life lost and is timed so that each petal falls on the day of their death, with every two seconds representing the passing of one day. 

"With nearly 1 million deaths in the U.S., I wanted to do something to support the creation of a memorial day that would live beyond the sale of a single piece of art," noted Libby. "The uniqueness of a NFT is that every time it trades hands, funds go to support the original cause. I hope that as this piece flips, more funds can go to support the ongoing efforts of the COVID-19 activism community."

Heartbleed was inspired by Libby's original endeavor, The Floral Heart Project, which began in 2020 and provided support and comfort for those suffering COVID-19-related losses. She placed hundreds of large-scale floral hearts around the U.S. in concert with partners like 1-800-Flowers.com and Bloom Studios. Her efforts were instrumental in helping community activists and Marked by COVID gain support from both Congress and the Council of Mayors for COVID-19 Memorial Day resolutions. 

"Taking time to recognize these losses is important to our society and our overall well-being," shared Libby. "Creating a COVID-19 Memorial Day is a simple and profound way to recognize the losses collectively."

Libby's piece, which has appeared in the prestigious NYC-based SPRING/BREAK art show and been on display at the Arizona Historical Society, is a collection of five pieces. This is the only one that will be sold as a NFT and the first-ever minted NFT Memorial. The piece goes on sale on March 1, 2022, and will be on auction until March 7, 2022. 

For more information, please visit: https://www.lightvlight.com/heartbleed.


About LvL Studio

LvL Studio is the creative studio of artist Kristina Libby. Founded in 2020, the studio is responsible for the creation of the Floral Heart Project and other notable public and private artworks. For more information please visit www.lightvlight.com.

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