Heart Water Launched Eco-Friendly Reusable Aluminum Water Bottles for Their Bottled Alkaline Water Brand

​We at Heart Water always strives to find eco-friendly solutions with the production and sales of our water. That's why our water is sourced not from any spring or fountain, but the clouds themselves. For bottling our unique artisan alkaline water we picked only the most eco-friendly water battle; our familiar, purple aluminum bottle.

Unlike soda cans that are simply used once and tossed aside, our cans are made to be reusable. Around 75% of all aluminum we use today has been recycled at one point or another; the metal has a 100% recyclable rate. This means that our cans are not made out of newly mined aluminum but instead aluminum that has already been recycled.

Not only does this make the cans more affordable to you, but it keeps with our message of being 100% sustainable and leaving as little of an impact on the environment as possible. This is compared to plastic bottles, which are not only mass-produced by are hard to recycle and tend to be tossed into landfills or worse; the ocean.

Unlike plastic bottles, our aluminum cans are reusable. Over time plastic bottles will break down and release chemicals into the water on the inside, which is why you'll be surprised to find expiration dates on bottled water. Aluminum bottles, meanwhile, don't break down and don't release chemicals into the contained water. You can feel free to re-use your bottles as much as you like or recycle them!

We take great care of our water, only capturing it from the atmosphere and filtering it thoroughly to ensure that the water you get is the purest water on Earth. We also avoid reverse-osmosis that can waste 75% of the water. With so much care and pride we put into our artisan alkaline water, only the best bottle can be used.

We also strive to be efficient. Using just our two acre collection facility we're able to bottle 450,000 bottles using just one inch of rainfall. And old bottles that are recycled can be turned into new cans in as little as sixty days! This is why we're excited to present to you our purple aluminum cans. They're recyclable, leave little impact on the environment, and they stand out on the shelves.

Our sales don't just leave an impact on us, but on our future; with children worldwide being lifted out of poverty, we are taking a stand not just against plastic pollution, but also poverty. When you buy our water, you know that not only is it sustainable, but you're assisting others without even knowing it! It's time to make a stand in the war against plastic bottles, and we're delighted you'd choose our reusable cans over plastic bottles when you drink Alkaline Bottled Water!

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Source: Heart Water