Healthy Plus Partners With AEGLE Palette for Global Wellness Initiative

Healthy Plus has partnered with AEGLE Palette diabetes management application to drive the Preventative Care initiatives to new heights.   

Healthy Plus works with physicians and health systems to schedule and complete annual wellness visits for their Medicare patients as well as commercial patients. The program allows physicians to increase revenue to their practice while improving preventive care for their patients by determining Medicare eligibility, increasing engagement rates (from an average of 16 percent to nearly 70 percent), making follow-up care recommendations, capturing data points for the provider and creating a chronic care management plan for the patient. Now that MACRA legislation is in effect, providers are making sure to turn from the “Fee for Service” platform to a total “Value-Based” Care platform. 

AEGLE Palette is on a mission to reverse type 2 diabetes and obesity epidemic using lifestyle data and machine learning. Its award-winning Palette platform - GPS for Health and Making Sense of CGM Data - connects diet and behavior with health goals and provides insight needed to guide diabetes care, diabetes prevention and patient education. Palette is partnering with Amazon in Palette Mat’s fulfillment and is collaborating with New York Presbyterian Hospital to launch among members with Type 2 diabetes at Flatbush Seventh Day Adventist Church in the greater New York area.

AEGLE Palette has created a cloud-based provider portal that provides authorized and secure access to patients' behavioral and dietary data, CGM and medication all in a single suite and allows virtual visits utilizing secure, compliant communication protocols to engage the medical providers to their patients. AEGLE Palette will utilize Healthy Plus Risk Stratification tool to identify, educate, track and reward patients for healthy behaviors recommended for the individual by Healthy Plus and the Chronic Care Management component that is provided. 

Healthy Plus is also in a partnership with athenahealth, a leading provider of network-enabled services for hospital and ambulatory clients nationwide, offering medical record, revenue cycle, patient engagement, care coordination and population health services. Based in Massachusetts, athenahealth works with more than 110,000 primary care physicians in its network, with an estimated 2.5 million Medicare patients in its service areas.

Healthy Plus has serviced over 11,000 Medicare patients through their Healthy Plus Annual Wellness Software and is on track to service 25,000 additional patients in the next quarter alone. By partnering with AEGLE Palette program, the ability for the provider to receive viable patient data for their diabetic patient population is going to reshape the Preventative Health Care model domestically. Healthy Plus is a target of several international relationships that will help create a sustainable model that will assist providers with external monitoring of their entire population of patients. 

“We’re excited about our new partnership with AEGLE Palette program. We feel the Palette program is a key component to the success providers are trying to reach for in attaining high-level care for their patient population and working to detract the increase in diabetic patients. We accept what is termed population health, but we also know it’s a simple solution to provide more critical data between visits which will capture the onset of diabetic disease states before they become problematic,” said Sean Bledsoe, founder and CEO of Healthy Plus. “By working directly with physicians, health systems and EHR providers as well and by removing the burden of scheduling and documenting these patients, we free up physicians to focus more on care."

“By partnering with Healthy Plus, we are proud to extend the success of Healthy Plus Annual Wellness platform through offering Palette’s diabetes prevention and chronic care management. Our vision is to offer high-risk groups with exposure to prediabetes and diabetic value-based solutions and deliver evidenced-based results in glycemic control and weight management,” said Yulin Li, CEO and co-founder of AEGLE Palette, who was a formal actuary and has extensive experience in using data to solve business challenges. 

After 17 years of coaching Division-I college basketball, Bledsoe briefly worked in the pharmaceutical industry, where he learned more about the massive gap in engagement for an aging Medicare population. Inspired by his father who wasn’t proactive about seeing the doctor, Bledsoe sought to improve the rate of preventive care for these patients — to help tackle health issues early before they grew into chronic conditions like diabetes and heart disease. The software he developed also helps physicians by removing the burden of managing these additional patients while increasing revenue for the practice. He estimates the program increases annual wellness visits to 65 to 75 percent.

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