Healthy Lifestyle Superhero Film Raises $40,000 on Kickstarter

The first healthy lifestyle superhero movie in the world called Apple-Man lands on Kickstarter. With an epic and high-quality trailer, the campaign has raised $40,000 in the first few days. The film still needs support to meet a goal of $120,000.

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Apple-Man is by far the most outstanding film project on Kickstarter right now. A crazy, over-the-top trailer has already drawn attention from movie critics from CinemaBlend and Filmstarts, them comparing Apple-Man to "The Boys" TV show on Amazon and "X-Men" mashed up with "Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs." But what separates Apple-Man from any superhero movie is its strong social mission. "Healthy food saves lives just like superheroes do," the director Vasyl Moskalenko said. "This is the message of our film. If you search the data from Center for Health Statistics, you will understand why."

An unhealthy diet contributes to more than 670,000 deaths each year only in the USA - and more than 11 million deaths a year all around the world. But when health-care institutions address this, typically nobody listens.

"That's because statistics are boring to people," the director said. "But when you look at unhealthy food ads - they are not boring at all. They are entertaining, catchy, sexy, viral. And they make people believe that unhealthy living is cool." 

Moskalenko created Apple-Man as a very entertaining way to tell people how important and how cool a healthy lifestyle is. The film tells a grotesque story of a superhero created by mixing human DNA with the DNA of an apple. Along with his sidekick Cherry Woman, Apple-man fights super-villain Doctor Burgerman to save the universe. 

Moskalenko directed Apple-Man in the style of a traditional superhero action film. Viewers can find strong vibes of Deadpool-style fights, explosions, and city destruction scenes. The director played Apple-Man himself. Ivanna Onufriichuk stars as Cherry Woman and VO for Doctor Burgerman was completed by Call of Duty veteran Stefan Ashton Frank.

People can check out the trailer of Apple-Man and support the movie on its Kickstarter page. Rewards for funders include everything from Blu-Ray, t-shirts and posters to meeting the cast to having a role in the movie. Find more on the Rewards page on Kickstarter.

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