HEALTHPURE Annouces Strategic Investment in Tech Crunch Audience Favorite - DiaScan

Consumer Health Technology Startup HEALTHPURE, Inc. Inks $1 Million Equity Investment and Data Agreement With Tech Crunch Audience Favorite DiaScan.

​​On March 07, 2016, consumer health technology startup, HEALTHPURE, Inc. agreed to investment terms with Tech Crunch Audience Favorite DiaScan to fuel the company’s growth in the consumer health information and data.

DiaScan is a BioTech company leveraging machine learning on CT scans to accurately and intelligently diagnose lung cancer without invasive procedures. This cutting edge technology generates tremendous health data and reduces the need for surgical biopsies. The company is currently working toward its FDA certifications and is poised to save patients and insurance companies billions of dollars over time. Last month, DiaScan was named Audience Favorite at Tech Crunch, Atlanta and has been invited to participate at Tech Cruch Disrupt later this year.

Dr. Mohammad Ali, board member of both companies, facilitated the transaction. “In today’s health care landscape, costs are spiraling out of control. The only way to slow the runaway train is Big Data. DiaScan uses big data analysis to reduce the need for expensive and invasive medical procedures and HEALTHPURE blends consumer behavior data and health data to predict and intervene with non-compliant chronic disease patients. They are both working to reduce costs and improve patient lives. It is a natural fit and both companies will benefit from the Big-Data work the other is doing.”

HEALTHPURE takes a unique approach to the health information market by targeting its services directly to consumers. Through its technology suite, HEALTHPURE aggregates patient medical information from many disparate sources and places the information into a single HIPPA secure data standard while gathering consumer behavior insights through e-commerce, social media and content browsing behaviors. The unique blend of information creates a unique data set that allows the company to provide actionable insights to patients, physicians and payers. The outcome is improved compliance, the ability to reduce costs and better patient lives.

While billions are spent each year on health-related big data, very little of it is targeted to the general consumer. Peter Voghel, HEALTHPURE’s Chairman states, “Recent studies tell us that 76% of all adult consumers want to take back control their own healthcare. Consumer data is the key to giving them control. With DiaScan, we know they are focused on the same things we are. Reducing Costs and Bettering Lives through big data.”

Both HealthPure and DiaScan plan broad-based market launches of their respective products later this year.

HEALTHPURE is a consumer oriented health technology and data company dedicated to helping consumers make sense of health care. The company makes connections with consumers both online and offline while promoting health and wellness literacy and empowerment.



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