HealthJoy Leader Authors First-of-Its-Kind Book on Brain-Body Connection

HealthJoy’s Brian Astrachan Publishes 'Chronic Lower Back Pain Relief Through The Brain-Body Sync'

HealthJoy, a care navigation platform that transforms healthcare outcomes, announced today that Brian Astrachan, General Manager, MSK at HealthJoy, recently published his first book, “Chronic Lower Back Pain Relief Through The Brain-Body Sync.”

The publication is the first of its kind to outline the brain-based cause of low back pain and provide a proven exercise approach to resolve it. 

“Hundreds of millions of people around the world experience low back pain, yet up to 90% of those cases are diagnosed as non-specific low back pain, which means there is no clear cause for the pain,” said Astrachan. “Drawing on decades of research and work with thousands of chronic pain sufferers, the conclusion is that most of these cases should be termed brain-based low back pain. The issues are not in the body but in the brain.”

By sharing these concepts and exercises in his new book, Astrachan hopes to elevate how chronic pain is addressed and help individuals suffering from chronic pain achieve better health outcomes.

Astrachan oversees all aspects of HealthJoy’s virtual programs for back, joint and pelvic health. HealthJoy’s coach-led, virtual exercise therapy program is accessible to hundreds of thousands of people across the United States. 

Due to its combination of proprietary neurological exercises, high-skilled coaching team and eliminating devices and equipment as barriers to exercise, HealthJoy’s chronic pain participants have reported an industry-leading 82% pain reduction and 88 Net Promoter Score.

With over $100 million in fundraising to date, HealthJoy gives HR leaders and benefit consultants the platform needed to contain costs and transform healthcare outcomes by guiding employees to affordable, high-quality care. To do this, HealthJoy adapts to employee wants and needs, bundles an unbundled benefits strategy and confronts long-term healthcare spend. 

The company provides in-depth care navigation to over 1,500 U.S. employers, supporting the management and delivery of world-class benefits to more than a million employees and dependents. 

Prior to joining HealthJoy, Astrachan co-founded Rekinetics, LLC, where he led the development of the only MSK program applying neuroscience to exercise therapy. In 2021, Rekinetics was acquired by HealthJoy. 

Astrachan graduated summa cum laude from Williams College, where he started for its NCAA championship tennis team and was co-president of the a cappella group The Williams Octet.


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Source: HealthJoy