HealthCheck360 Partners With meQuilibrium to Provide Digital Workforce Resilience Solutions

HealthCheck360 clients now have access to a personalized digital coaching platform that addresses burnout, stress, purpose, performance, and wellbeing holistically to create complete resilience for individuals and entire organizations.

HealthCheck360, a leader in population health management and wellbeing programs for employers, is expanding its suite of services by offering meQuilibrium's digital workforce resilience platform.

"Resilience is more important than ever, with unprecedented levels of change, burnout and stress that exist at work, at home, and in our communities," shares Jessica Mandot, Vice President at HealthCheck360. "HealthCheck360's partnership with meQuilibrium affords employers the resources they need to arm employees with a holistic wellbeing solution to thrive in their daily lives."

"Our partnership with HealthCheck360 reinforces their commitment to equipping employees to lead healthy, productive, happy lives," says Jan Bruce, CEO and co-founder, meQuilibrium. "We are excited to partner with HealthCheck360 in supporting organization-wide resilience and employee mental health and we are glad they have chosen our science-based resilience platform to manage stress, build resilience and improve overall mental wellbeing and quality of life."

meQuilibrium's award-winning digital solutions build resilience at the individual, manager and organizational levels across the world for more than 40 Fortune 500 companies. Through meQuilibrium, members have access to a digital coaching platform that delivers clinically validated and highly personalized upskilling to improve engagement, performance and wellbeing. meQuilibrium's digital asynchronous coaching is proven to reduce stress and burnout, delivering primary preparedness against behavioral health issues in the workplace.

"HealthCheck360 recognizes the need for employers to address burnout, workplace stress, and resilience for their employees," said Michael Kelly, Co-Founder and Vice President at HealthCheck360. He adds, "meQuilibrium's tools and technology fit perfectly with HealthCheck360's objective to empower individuals to achieve their health goals, both physical and mental."

As a total health management company, HealthCheck360 focuses on improving employee health and decreasing employer medical costs. From managing chronic conditions and navigating the complex health care process, to keeping the healthy people healthy, HealthCheck360 evolves with an employer's program. "Addressing stress is essential to having a good quality of life," said Mandot. "HealthCheck360 is proud to bring these invaluable resources to our members."

About HealthCheck360:
HealthCheck360 is a leader in providing comprehensive population health solutions and focuses on improving health and minimizing costs. HealthCheck360 is headquartered in Dubuque, IA and provides services nationwide. In addition to serving employers, HealthCheck360 partners with brokers, consultants, third party administrators, and insurance companies for a complete integration of services. HealthCheck360 offers an innovative suite of health services that evolves with companies as their needs and strategies change.

About meQuilibrium

meQuilibrium is the #1 digital solution for building employee resilience at scale for Fortune 500 global enterprises, helping businesses innovate and navigate uncertain times. meQuilibrium harnesses the science of resilience, AI, predictive analytics, biometrics and neuroscience to help businesses build workforce wellbeing and potential. Learn more at


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Sales & Marketing Coordinator, HealthCheck360
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Source: HealthCheck360